Get Ready For A Major Rally In Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

basket of metalsLarry Edelson:  Last week I told you to keep your eyes glued on gold. I hope you’ve done so. Gold has continued to shed value, right on target with my cycle forecast for a potential major low late this month.

I’m presenting the forecast chart again, yet a third time that I am showing it to you. Why a third time?

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Because I want you to be fully ready for a major gold rally that could start at any moment.

Ditto for silver. For platinum. For palladium.

You can see it clearly on that chart. The green line. It’s the cycle forecast. Notice how gold should rally into mid-December, then fall into the first of January, then explode higher in stair-step fashion heading into the middle of March.

If everything goes according to the forecast model, that rally into next March should be the first leg up in gold’s new bull market. Ditto for the other precious metals.

And ditto for mining shares. Yes, as badly beaten up as they have been, losing as much as 90 percent of their value, and in some cases, even more — since their highs …

Mining shares should soon bottom and follow the precious metals higher. But you definitely have to be very selective with mining shares these days. You might think that those companies that survived the devastation should then thrive as metal prices start to rally.

That’s logical. But that doesn’t mean it’s right. There are plenty of mining companies who won’t even benefit from rising precious metal prices. Some have hedged or sold forward their reserves. Others don’t have the gross profits to pay off debt as interest rates also start to rise.

And still others may think that any precious metals rally that comes their way may just be an opportunity to sell their production and reserves forward, thinking that the metals are just bouncing a tad, and that they remain in bear markets for years to come.

Other than for short-term speculation, I’m not even sure some of the mining ETFs will help you. To make money in mining shares over the next several years, you’re going to have to be extremely selective purchasing mining companies. Period.

What about other precious metal-related investments? Should you buy numismatic coins, rare coins, bars and ingots? Which offer the best deal, the best upside?

Should you buy physically-backed gold and silver ETFs? What about storage for physical gold and silver? Store it at home? In the backyard? At your bank? In the U.S.? Or overseas?

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