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Germany’s Gold remains a Mystery as Mainstream Media cheer leads

Posted on 3 Mar 2017 by

The Deutsche Bundesbank’s announcement in early February that it had moved 300 tonnes of gold from the New York Fed to Frankfurt in a laughable 4 years threw the mainstream financial media into a back-slapping frenzy as they rushed to congratulate the German central bank for an exercise that should have only taken a couple of weeks to complete. Back in 1967 and 1968, the very same NY Fed was able to airlift 100 tonnes of gold per day from the US for days on end and fly it to RAF Mildenhall for onward transport to the Bank of England, as this article demonstrates. The mainstream financial media then conveniently ignored the latest Bundesbank “gold bar list” published on 23 February, a list which that is totally bereft of any real usefulness compared to normal gold bar weight lists. Continue reading…

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