Five Stories You Should Read This Week

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The Weird Reasons You’re Still Alive

When you think about why humans live twice as long as we once did, you might chalk it up to antibiotics and newer, more effective medicine for once-debilitating diseases. But did you also know that you live longer because of things like cotton, air conditioning and cows? Find out why these, and 11 other odd things, contribute to how we now live longer, healthier lives.

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Trillions of Dollars Floating Through Space

Earlier this week, an asteroid laden with billions to trillions of dollars in precious metals passed by Earth. Scientists estimate that the rock contains enough platinum and other metals to be worth anywhere from $300 billion-5 trillion. The asteroid passed about 1.5 million miles from the Earth — close enough to see it with a telescope, but too far for the naked eye. Metal mining in space is not out of the question — find out what astronautics firm is on the hunt for the proper technology to mine in space.

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Does Your Body Renew Every Seven Years?

Ever feel like you’re constantly changing? Well, it’s because you are. Researchers suggest certain cells in our body renew themselves every seven-10 years, including our skin, bones and liver.

Find out the questionable study from the ’50s that helped come to the conclusion that our body is constantly rejuvenating, what cells are — and are not– renewing over time and why we still grow old despite the fact.

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Jumping on the Streaming Wagon

Looks like cable companies are finally getting with the streaming times. Comcast announced last week that it will begin beta testing a $15 streaming service in Boston by summer’s end. The caveat? You still have to pay $70 per month for Comcast Internet and basic cable channels. Will this become a trend with other cable companies? Analysts say it’s too early to know. Stay tuned…

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We Have a Lot to Learn From Bees

Pesky occasional stinging aside, bees are an integral and fascinating part of Mother Nature. What have we learned about the way bees live? Find out how the structure of the honeycomb has influenced everything from the way we build buildings to the way grocery stores pack food.

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The post Five Stories You Should Read This Week appeared first on Daily Reckoning.