Five Stories You Don’t Want to Miss

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The CDC: “Raise Our Budget or Americans Will Die Needlessly”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is begging Congress for help this week. A new report suggests that infectious disease transmitted between medical institutions, such as hospitals and rehab facilities, is increasing, and there is no real system in place to track patients with contagious diseases who visit multiple institutions while infected. The CDC estimates there could be a 10% increase in the next five years. That outcome is preventable with the money to fund a better system of communication between health care facilities.

The bleak outlook is concerning. Click here to read more about the CDC’s plea to Congress.

A Breakthrough on Contraception and Cancer

A new study set to publish in the prestigious Lancet Oncology is finally clearing up the long and much debated-over link (if any) between oral contraceptive and cancer. The study indicates that even mild use can cut a woman’s risk of endometrial cancer by a quarter. The risk continues to decrease the longer birth control is used. Studies on other types of cancer still seem to be inconclusive and contradictory to each other, but given the fact that nearly 10 million women in the U.S. are currently taking oral contraceptives, the recent findings are a promising boost to women’s health.

Click here to read about the study.

Getting an IV Could Soon Be a Breeze

If you’ve ever had an IV, you might know the pain of being poked and prodded while your practitioner finds the right vein. But that could soon become a thing of the past. VeinViewer uses near-infrared light to project precisely where your veins are located, taking the guesswork out of the equation for your health care provider.

Find out how it works, and watch a video demonstration.

3-D Printing Strikes Again

It was announced this week that the FDA approved the first prescription drug manufactured by a 3-D printer. The pill, used to treat epileptic seizures in both adults and children, is created through layered 3-D printing and dissolves in water.

When is it expected to hit the market? Click here to find out.

Moon Disease TBD

Seems even astronauts can’t escape customs lines. In honor of the recent anniversary of his groundbreaking walk on the moon, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin shared pictures with his Twitter followers of memorabilia he’s saved from his iconic trip, including a customs form for moon rock and moon dust and an expense report for $33.31. The documents also include a declaration of health, which states that potential diseases caught during his venture were “To be determined”.

Aldrin’s tweets on the iconic documents are certainly humorous. Click here to see photos and read all about it.

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The post Five Stories You Don’t Want to Miss appeared first on Daily Reckoning.