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FED UP! An Insider’s Take On Why The Fed Is Bad For America

Danielle DiMartino Booth is a guest for the first time on the radio program while Ivan Bebek returns.

Danielle, a former Wall St. Banker, financial columnist and advisor to Richard Fisher at the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank provides an insider’s view of the filth and corruption within the Fed that destroyed the middle class. Did this mess start with Nixon when he eliminated gold as money in 1971? Can the system be turned around? If so, what is Danielle’s remedy? If not,what lies ahead for Americans and how can they protect themselves?

With gold rising from $35/oz in 1971 to over $1,900 in 2011, markets are demanding a return to gold as money. As gold wins over Fed digital money, the new bankers may well be the gold miners and those companies that discover gold in the ground. One of the most exciting exploration companies is Auryn Resources whose CEO, Ivan Bebek, updates us on his company’s multiple world class targets.

Danielle DiMartino Booth is the founder of Money Strong, LLC, an economic consulting firm.  She began her career in New York at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and Credit Suisse, where she worked fixed income and the public and private equity markets.  After working as a financial columnist at the Dallas Morning News, DiMartino Booth spent nine years as an adviser to Richard Fisher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Ms. DiMartino Booth is also the author of FED UP: An Insider’s Take on Why The Federal Reserve is Bad For America, (Portfolio; 2/14/17) – where she criticizes the Fed for focusing too much on theoretical models and not enough on the actual economic situation in America.  She lives in Dallas with her family.

Ivan Bebek has over 15 years experience in financing, foreign negotiations, and acquisitions in the mineral exploration industry. His understanding of the capital markets and ability to position, structure and finance companies that he has been associated with has been instrumental in their successes. Mr. Bebek formerly was the President. CEO and co-founder of Cayden Resources Inc., which was sold to Agnico Eagle Mining Limited for $205 million in November 2014, a co-founder and a Director of Stratton Resources Inc. and a co-founder of Keegan Resources Inc. (now Asanko Gold).

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