Facing Reality

Facing Reality

Executive Summary

  • We are fighting (i.e. losing against) exponential functions on multiple fronts
  • Social unrest (e.g. Yellow Vests) is a spreading symptom that collapse is accelerating
  • Which path will collapse take?
  • Preparing for the future of “Less”

If you have not yet read Part 1: Collapse Is Already Here, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

The reason I write and speak and sometimes travel to talk about The Three E’s – the Economy, energy and Environment – is because I hope to reach those who are ready to listen…and to then act.

Typically, I find that I am reaching people with a certain level of economic and professional success in their lives (many doctors, engineers, architects and lawyers in my audience) and who have the entirely-too-rare ability to face difficult information square on.

One of the more important principles concerns exponential growth, which has a nasty habit of speeding up towards the end.  Those numerate among us grasp the serious implications of exponential growth quickly and easily. The rest of us have to work a lot harder to understand, which is why most of the masses never do.

In the world of finance, exponential (or parabolic) growth always ends badly for the last investors in. Just ask those who bought into dot-Com stocks or Bitcoin near the highs.

However, where any of today’s inflated prices go from here is not subject to traditional analysis.  Everything depends on the actions that the central banks will take from here.  Will they print more?  Undoubtedly. 

How much more suppression of the price of gold will the authorities demand?  As much as necessary to keep unwanted attention off of their policy errors.

Looks, what I’ve learned from investing is(…)

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