Editors’ Picks for Jan 14

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New York Times ‘Conservative’ Columnist Brooks on Cruz Inhumanity (Jonathan L.)

In this relentlessly effective critique, David Brooks shows how Cruz’s negativity and
cruelty do not jibe with the stated values of his evangelical base.

Trump Fined for Pollution from Private Jet (Russ)

Trump, who calls Climate Change “bullshit,” hasn’t complied with UK carbon rules. It will be an “interesting presidency,” that’s for sure.

Chelsea Clinton: Bernie Sanders Would Take Health Care From Millions (Trevin)

As per the usual from the Clinton camp, her statements on Sanders’ single-payer plan were a blend of truth and “wildly misleading implications.”

Obama Warns of Fascism in Final State of the Union Address (Trevin)

The President’s “apocalyptic message” was the “part of the speech he most wanted to give,” according to one insider.

Sanders Now in the Lead — and Why (Russ)

Lively TV guy Cenk Uygur on the particulars in this video.

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