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Has This Russian Scientist Found the Key to Eternal Life?

Anatoli Brouchkov, a Russian-based scientist, claims to have found bacteria he says are an elixir for youth. The bacteria, found in permafrost in Siberia in 2009, have proven to increase the immune system responses in mice and fruit flies. Brouchkov decided to inject himself with the 3.5 million-year-old bacteria and claims he’s not fallen ill to flu in over two years.

What special properties do the bacteria hold that Brouchkov claims can help humans live longer, healthier lives? And what do his critics have to say? Click here to find out.

You Could Soon Live in a “Smart City”

As the population flocks from rural areas to big cities, officials are confronted with the increasing need for smart energy usage, food and water availability, public safety and efficient transportation. And big tech companies are seeing dollar signs in their eyes. Corporations such as IBM, Verizon, Siemens and AT&T are already looking at ways their technologies could aid in making big cities safer and more efficient for its citizens.

Find out what major city is already well on its way to becoming the first major smart city and about the recent announcement by White House to help fund development in the future.

New Device Aims to Aid People With Memory Loss

A small brain prosthesis made by researchers at USC and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center could help people suffering from memory loss. The device is placed on the hippocampus and helps translate short-term into long-term memory, which makes remembering easier for sufferers of memory loss diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

Find out the next hurdle for researchers of the study by clicking here.

New Door Opened in the Global Plastic Pollution Problem

Evidence recently published in Environmental Science and Technology indicates that mealworms not only have the ability to eat through nonbiodegradable materials such as Styrofoam but also have the ability to digest the substances. In lab studies, the mealworm could consume anywhere from 34-39 milligrams of styrofoam and break down nearly half into carbon dioxide — just like it would with other types of food.

“Our findings have opened a new door to solve the global plastic pollution problem,” claims Wei-Min Wu, a co-author of the study. Click here to read on.

Solar Panel of the Future

Elon Musk is at it again. SolarCity, in which Musk is a chairman, announced last week that it has created the most efficient rooftop solar panel to date. SolarCity claims the panel “generates more power per square foot and harvests more energy over a year than any other rooftop panel in production.” SolarCity says their goal is to keep the cost of solar energy as low as possible, and that the panels are cheap to produce.

When could you get your hands on them? Click here to find out.


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The post Don’t Miss the Top Five Stories of the Week appeared first on Daily Reckoning.