Do Kids Spread Covid-19?

With millions of students poised to return to school, stressed parents are wondering: How worried should I be about my kid catching covid-19 at school?

Well, we’re beginning to understand the risks.

First the good news: children under 10 do indeed appear to transmit the virus to others much less often than adults do. Though the transmission rate is not zero.

Now the bad news: kids between 10 and 19 transmit the virus at the same rate as do adults.

So the short answer is: if you send your kids back to a school where they’re interacting with others, you should be assume the odds are good they’ll get infected at some point.

Prepare your household accordingly. Make sure your kids have masks/sanitizers/etc, are urged to respect social distancing, and boost their immune system with a healthy diet and plenty of sleep. But have a home quarantine plan in place, including distancing your kid from at-risk populations (like elderly grandparents), in case they fall ill.

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