Daily Digest 9/3 – The FDA Is Stifling Pharmaceutical Innovation, Wedding In Rural Maine Leads To State’s Largest COVID Outbreak


Emmanuel Macron revives a post-war institution for a post-covid era (TS)

In 1946, as France emerged from the horrors of war, Charles de Gaulle devised le Plan to rebuild his battered country. Centred on the theme “Modernisation or Decadence”, the first five-year plan identified six industries—coal, electricity, steel, transport, mechanised agriculture and cement—on which France would construct a modern economy. “Modernisation”, declared Jean Monnet, the first commissioner of the Plan (and later co-architect of European integration), is a “state of mind”. Indeed in the French mind, the Plan was in large part to thank for the 30 years of prosperity—les trente glorieuses—that followed.

Climate Is Taking On a Growing Role for Voters, Research Suggests (Bill M.)

The survey, the latest in a 23-year series, suggests that, instead, climate change has become important enough to Americans that it remains prominent despite the global coronavirus pandemic, with its rising death count in the United States, as well as the related national economic crisis, the pressures of self isolation brought on by the pandemic and a never-ending rush of other news.

The most striking part of the survey, Dr. Krosnick said, is the growth of a group he called the “issue public” around climate change.

Disaster Preparedness For Your Finances (Amanda P.)

We hope disaster never strikes — but in today’s climate we also know nothing is guaranteed. So why not do a little legwork upfront to ensure you’re financially healthy no matter what? Here, we cover what to do with your finances before, during and after a disaster to ensure you’re protected.

Sound Money Is Key to Defending Our Liberties (thc0655)

It is certainly no coincidence that “the state” has been expanding ever since the world adopted an unfettered fiat money regime back in the early 1970s, and that as a result individual liberties and freedoms have been under pressure ever since. The state feeds itself on fiat money. It simply issues new debt, which is then monetized by the its central bank, which is at the heart of the fiat money regime.

Perhaps you will find it surprising that I believe that the concept of central banking is truly a Marxist concept. (I am not saying that central banking is only favored by Marxists. Not at all! There are also many other ideologies which approve of central banking.)

The FDA Is Stifling Pharmaceutical Innovation (Roger B.)

The FDA was established in 1906 by the Pure Food and Drug Act, but it was relatively harmless until its powers were radically expanded in 1962 by the passage of the Kefauver–Harris amendments that gave it absolute power over the pharmaceutical industry. As documented extensively by Ruwart, since that time, the FDA has indulged in ever greater abuse of these powers, inflicting alarming harm on America — and humanity at large — in the process.

Experts see a chance for a Covid-19 vaccine approval this fall — if it’s done right (tmn)

The agency also said that there should be safety data of a year or more for at least 3,000 patients. There’s no way to shorten that timeframe, and it is one of the reasons experts believe the FDA could grant a Covid-19 vaccine an emergency use authorization, rather than full approval.

It’s also possible that the studies could be ended early based on an interim analysis of data.

Covid-19 death skepticism, explained by a cognitive scientist (tmn)

Then came a new claim that went viral over the weekend: that only 6 percent of US pandemic deaths have been from Covid-19 itself. The origin was a statistic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 94 percent of people killed by the new coronavirus in the US had comorbidities, or other health conditions contributing to their cause of death.

Although assigning causes of death isn’t straightforward, disease experts and scientists have quickly taken to Twitter and TikTok to point out that the 6 percent figure has been wildly misinterpreted.

How an intimate wedding in rural Maine led to the state’s largest COVID-19 outbreak (tmn)

The first Friday in August outside the Tri Town Baptist Church was one of those quintessential summer Maine days. Midday temperatures reached the high 70s. A bay of spruce trees rose up behind the tiny East Millinocket church, the green lawn spread before it. A perfect day for a young couple’s wedding.

Cars filled the gravel parking lot and dozens of wedding guests — young and old, locals and out-of-towners — packed the church pews. After a long spring and summer, finally there was an occasion worth celebrating.

30 Years Of Drilling Data Points To A Rebound In U.S. Oil Production (Michael S.)

Large U.S. shale firms such as EOG Resources and Parsley Energy are not just looking to bring back production from shuttered wells, but are also planning to “accelerate” production in the second half of 2020.

Early indicators for drilling activity, such as the BakerHughes rig count and PrimaryVision’s frac spread (a more direct indicator of hydraulic fracturing fleets in the field), are reflecting a cautious uptick in drilling activity during the last two weeks of August.

Amid National Crises, Louisiana Mayor Fears His Decimated City Will Be Forgotten (tmn)

At the beginning of hurricane season, and in the middle of an election year, a global coronavirus pandemic, protests over police violence, and raging wildfires, Hunter fears his decimated city of 80,000 will be left to recover on its own with the nation already overwhelmed.

It could cost as much as $12 billion to repair damage from the storm in Louisiana, and the local utility company says tens of thousands of people will be without electricity for weeks – the city hums with the sound of generators, a crucial lifeline in the blazing summer heat.

Hurricane Laura’s rapid intensification is a sign of a warming climate, scientists say (Bill M.)

It was one of the fastest transformations on record in the Gulf of Mexico.

Experts call the phenomenon “rapid intensification” and say it’s happening more frequently, thanks in part to warming ocean temperatures driven by climate change. The speed with which these storms morph can complicate both weather forecasting and emergency responses.

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