Daily Digest 9/20 – The Looming DROP Apocalypse, Bye Bye Bugs?

Daily Digest 9/20 - The Looming DROP Apocalypse, Bye Bye Bugs?
  • The Looming DROP Apocalypse
  • Cuomo’s Win: It’s All About the Money
  • No more bailouts: The lawmakers behind Dodd-Frank say that taxpayers won’t foot the bill the next time a bank fails
  • 31 Percent Of U.S. Households Have Trouble Paying Energy Bills
  • Market Tops Take Time
  • Prepare for an onslaught of spam calls next year
  • Dollar Traders See the Fed’s Next Rate Hike as a Big Sell Signal
  • Amazon might open thousands of its grab-and-go stores over the next three years
  • Big Death: ?How Kuhn Was Wrong And Foucault Was Right
  • Slow-speed driver-less shuttle service set to begin testing in Columbus next week
  • 10-year Treasury yield hits 4-month high as bond market sells off
  • Oil Prices Inch Higher On Crude, Gasoline Draw
  • Hog manure is spilling out of lagoons because of Hurricane Florence’s floods
  • How slick water and black shale in fracking combine to produce radioactive waste
  • Climate Change May Mean Abandoning Our Coasts Forever
  • Mosquitoes are eating plastic. Why that’s a big problem.
  • These Nearly-Extinct Animals Would Fit on a Single Subway Car
  • Bye bye bugs? Scientists fear non-pest insects are declining

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