Daily Digest 9/18 – Good News Friday: The Rise Of Molds, U.S. Cities Planning ‘Green Recovery’ Post-Pandemic

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Why some US cities are plotting a ‘green recovery’ after the pandemic (jdargis)

Los Angeles is just one of a number of US cities now plotting a comeback from the pain of the pandemic by tackling another, but longer-term, emergency – the climate crisis. By extending measures to turn streets over to pedestrians and cyclists, bolstering jobs in clean energy or building of new defenses to risks such as flooding, some US cities are attempting a “green recovery” to Covid-19.

The look and feel of these urban areas is set to change. Seattle has announced 20 miles of streets will be permanently closed to cars, New Orleans is planning to pedestrianize a slice of its famous French Quarter and New Yorkers are spreading out into its streets in a wave of socially distanced alfresco dining and drinking.

After final U.S. Congress primary in Delaware, a record-breaking 298 women U.S. House nominees will be on ballots this November (jdargis)

There are now record-breaking 298 women nominees — 204 Democrats and 94 Republicans — who will be competing in House races and 20 women nominees — 12 Democrats and 8 Republicans — who will be competing in Senate races, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

A Volunteer Archaeologist Just Discovered the Oldest Example of Religious Graffiti Ever Found in Britain (000)

“It is genuinely exciting,” David Petts, a post-Roman specialist at Durham University and project researcher, told the Guardian. “When we think of graffiti, we tend to think it’s unauthorized vandalism. But we know from many medieval churches that people would put marks and symbols on buildings. What is unique about this is finding them on a vessel.”

The 14 pieces of the chalice, which was once the size of a modern-day cereal bowl, were discovered by a volunteer who signed on to help with the Vindolanda excavations last year.

Airline workers have lower rates of COVID-19 than the general population — and airline CEOs say it’s proof that flying is safe (jdargis)

“If the experience of flying was not safe, you’d expect our people to get sick,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian said on Thursday, speaking at the SAP Concur forum. “We track the health of our people. Our people are meaningfully less infected than the general population.”

The Rise Of Molds (tmn)

The film records the growth of four types of molds used for food fermentation, namely Rhizopus, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus oryzae and Penicillium. Captured by time-lapse supermacro photography, the growth of these molds is magical and charming, revealing a mysterious and gorgeous tiny world.

NASA Funds Eight New Projects Exploring Connections Between the Environment and COVID-19 (000)

Potter and his team want to know how the entire Bay Area’s urban heat flux has changed during the pandemic, and how that change has contributed to a more or less healthy environment for the millions of people living in it. Understanding potential changes in the thermal heat flux is a key indicator of how COVID-19 has altered the Bay Area’s environmental footprint, Potter said.

Mathematicians may have unlocked the secret of how “stone forests” form (jdargis)

“We first discovered the spikes formed by dissolution when we left candy in a water tank and came back later to find a needle-like spire,” he said. “The grad student, first author Mac Huang, even accidentally cut himself when he was admiring the shape. This drew us into the problem, and we were very excited when we realized the connection to stone pinnacles and stone forests, which have been quite mysterious in their development. We hope our experiments tell a simple ‘origin story’ behind these landforms.”

How to Help Victims of the California Wildfires (tmn)

For a comprehensive list, California’s Office of Emergency Services has also partnered with Philanthropy California to maintain a vetted list of relief funds where you can safely donate cash. You can also consult GuideStar or Charity Navigator for a list of trustworthy organizations that are working to provide aid to wildfire victims.

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