Daily Digest 9/14 – Disarray, Dismay, And Disconnect Six Months In, Cost Of Living Far Higher Than Official Inflation Rate


Cost Of Living Far Higher Than Official Inflation Rate, Harvard Professor Finds (CleanEnergyFan)

In an NBER paper titled “Inflation with Covid Consumption Baskets”, professor Albert Cavallo calculates that the true inflation rate for Covid-connected purchases is 1.85%, more than 40% higher than the Consumer Price Index. Cavallo writes that “the Covid-19 Pandemic has led to changes in consumer expenditure patterns that can introduce significant bias in the measurement of inflation.” Using data collected from credit and debit transactions in the US to update the official basket weights and estimate the impact on the Consumer Price Index, Cavallo finds that “the Covid inflation rate is higher than the official CPI in the US, for both headline and core indices. I also find similar results with Covid baskets in 10 out of 16 additional countries.”

The “Smartest Money” Left NYC A Decade Ago: Why Jerry & James Are Both Wrong (CleanEnergyFan)

The next outmigration will be those who leave all their assets behind. As of this writing, Minneapolis actually is charging owners to remove the remains of the property they were previously taxed on and that the city couldn’t/wouldn’t protect with the services paid for by those very taxes the property owners were coerced to pay.

The final outmigration will be those who don’t leave at all, not even with their lives.

3 Major Shifts For Gold And Silver (pinecarr)

Where are gold and silver prices heading, and why? Will we see more announcements from pension funds stating that they’ll be buying gold? And where are we in the inflation/deflation debate? These are three separate topics that all add up to major shifts in the gold and silver markets. Join Mike Maloney, Chris Martenson and Mr Jeff Clark for their latest analysis.

America Is About to Lose Its 200,000th Life to Coronavirus. How Many More Have to Die? (jdargis)

And yet, there are milestones worth stopping to consider. At ProPublica, it was Andrea Wise, a story producer working for us on contract, who in early May asked: What are we planning for the 100,000th confirmed COVID-19 death? The result was a story we published on May 27 by Caroline Chen that looked back at how we got here and forward to how we might avoid reaching another grim milestone. As we wrote at the time: “The full tragedy of the pandemic hinges on one question: How do we stop the next 100,000?”

The sad, infuriating answer for the country that spends more per capita on health care than any other in the world: We couldn’t.

Fauci says that he takes vitamin D and C supplements and that they can lessen ‘your susceptibility to infection’ (Paul D.)

“If you’re deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection. I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself, taking vitamin D supplements,” he said. “The other vitamin that people take is vitamin C because it’s a good antioxidant, so if people want to take a gram or so of vitamin C, that would be fine.”

There’s a large body of research supporting Fauci’s recommendations. Studies suggest vitamin D and C are your best bet for supplementing immune health. However, many of the other products sold for this purpose are useless or worse.

Riots? What Riots? (thc0655)

If you look at the data behind this report, you will see this leftist group has characterized 617 incidents in the U.S. since the death of George Floyd as “riots,” with 598 falling in the subcategory of “violent demonstrations” and 19 of “mob violence.”

A few were unassociated with Black Lives Matter or Antifa, such as a July 21 brawl in Los Angeles between Armenians and Azerbaijanis. But the vast majority of the 617 riots were related to the media-proclaimed Racial Reckoning.

The Reversion Will be Mean (thc0655)

Extremes in finance brings extremes in side effects: including things like hysteria, alarmism, political intolerance, media concentration, partisanship and just overall hypocrisy and hypernormalization. Although these are all difficult intangibles to measure and quantify.

I’ve cited the Pew Research on political polarization before, where they show how it is no longer possible to gain a plurality in the middle – centrism is dead and moderates are reprobates. The result would be a pendulum beat between ever increasing extremes – far left, hard right, until the centre literally cannot hold.

Virus America, six months in: Disarray, dismay, disconnect (GF)

“We are in a pitched battle between narratives,” says Evan Cornog, a political historian who has written about how presidents and candidates assemble and manage their storylines.

Uncertain times often produce uncertain people. But a strange paradox tends to emerge as well: In uncertain moments, human nature is to seek out certainty. That points to politics, where being absolutely sure is a feature, not a bug. This year, in this republic, that is no exception: In September 2020, the American earth is pocked with the marks of dug-in heels.

‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Claims She Has “Evidence” COVID-19 Was Created In A Lab (Chanone R.)

Dr. Li also commented on her claims that Beijing deliberately tried to cover up the outbreak when it first learned of the killer virus, effectively allowing it to escape China and infect the world. When she sounded the alarm about human-to-human transmission in December last year, her former supervisors at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, a reference laboratory for the World Health Organization, silenced her. After a while, she “could not keep silent”, and decided to flee.

In April, Yan reportedly fled Hong Kong and escaped to America in an effort to evade persecution and to ‘spread the truth’ about the pandemic.

Axon Neuroscience Has a Promising Peptide Vaccine Against COVID-19 in Development (Peggy S.)

Axon used its established peptide-based vaccine platform to produce a novel prophylactic COVID-19 vaccine, intended to treat infected patients and protect healthy individuals from infection. Axon’s vaccine contains only selected epitopes capable of inducing desirable T cell and B cell mediated immune responses to prevent interaction of the virus Spike (S) glycoprotein with its target human cells, thus preventing the virus from entering the cells and spreading. This approach is designed to prevent the unwanted serious side effects observed in previous studies of conventional vaccines against SARS-CoV.

$530 Million Available to Support U.S. Commercial Fishermen Affected by Tariffs (000)

The program will provide direct support to U.S. commercial fishermen impacted by retaliatory tariffs. To qualify, they must hold a valid federal or state license or permit. Additionally, their catch must be sold or transferred to a permitted or licensed seafood dealer or by a permitted dealer if the catch is processed at sea. Seafood products grown in a controlled environment are not eligible for the program (except geoducks and salmon).

The Relative Abundance of Bumblebees In North America Is Estimated to Have Crashed by 97 Percent (Merle2)

That’s not good news for bees—or farmers. About 85 percent of food grown globally depends on pollination, and in BC, bees and other pollinators contribute about $538 million ($410 million USD) to BC’s agricultural industry.

Faced with declining bee populations, Bates and other farmers who rely on pollination have turned to semi-domesticated honeybees to pollinate their crops. They hire commercial beekeepers to truck several hundred hives of honeybees into their fields while the crops are flowering.

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