Daily Digest 9/13 – Good News Friday: CA Bans Private Prisons, Zambia’s Accidental Tomato Farmer


Post-Gazette newsroom donates Pulitzer monetary award to Tree of Life congregation (RS)

The newspaper was honored with a Pulitzer for its coverage of the shooting deaths of 11 people and the wounding of seven others Oct. 27 at the Tree of Life Congregation in Squirrel Hill. The judges called the staff’s work “immersive, compassionate coverage … that captured the anguish and resilience of a community thrust into grief.”

But what to do with that $15,000? Staffers felt the horrendous events of that day made it difficult to fully savor one of the country’s highest honors for journalistic achievement. And splitting the monetary award among those who had participated in the news coverage just didn’t seem right.

California bans private prisons – including Ice detention centers (RS)

Bonta’s amendment, say immigrant rights advocates, appears to have caught Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (Ice) and the private prison companies at a moment when their current contracts are expiring. The result is that instead of slowly phasing out immigration detention centers as their existing contracts expire years down the road, most will face closure next year – unless Ice and its private prison contractors find a workaround.

A Swiss house built by robots promises to revolutionize the construction industry (Adam)

Kohler explains that beating construction speed records wasn’t necessarily their goal. “Of course we’re interested in gaining breakthroughs in speed and economy, but we tried to hold to the idea of quality first,” he says. “You can do things very, very fast but that doesn’t mean that it’s actually sustainable.”

This Is The Credit Score You Should Actually Be Striving For (Thomas R.)

Mortgage lenders can use scoring models as old as FICO 2, while FICO 8 and 9 are the most commonly used FICO models, Rod Griffin, Director of Education at Experian, said. He considers the key score benchmark to be 750. “It depends on the type of score and the lender’s threshold,” Griffin said.

And just to add one more wrinkle to this whole situation, some scoring models have a top score that’s well into the 900s.

The heartwarming moment a long-distance couple with Down syndrome were reunited after their moms arranged a meeting for the duo who fell in love at a conference (Thomas R.)

The couple, Nick Doyle and Gabi Angelini, both have Down syndrome and met in April in Detroit, Michigan, while attending the National Down Syndrome Society’s national conference. Instantly, the pair hit it off but had to start a long-distance relationship due to their locations.

Lisa Doyle, Nick’s mother, then captured the moment when she and Gabi’s mother, Mary, surprised the couple with a visit after being away from each other.

Hearing aids lower dementia, depression risk for older adults (Sparky1)

The researchers looked at hearing loss for each participant one year prior to their diagnosis, then three years after it was discovered. They did this to pinpoint only newly detected anxiety, dementia, depression and fall injury cases among the participants.

In Defense Of Screen Time (tmn)

But what we can do is understand why some people do worry about screen time, and empathize with their concerns. There is a lot of conflicting information available on this topic. You read about a study on Facebook, a parent at the playground guilt trips you about letting your kids use an iPad, or you read somewhere that Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use technology. I’m a parent of two daughters myself. I get it.

Letter of Recommendation: Golfing With Strangers (tmn)

Conversation on a golf course is its own kind of chatter. The small talk is relevant: There is always the shift in the wind or the yardage to the pin or the speed of this green versus that last one to blab about. Golf is also forward-moving. You’re never just stuck there. A lot of people with children say it’s easier to talk to them in the car; when everyone’s staring straight ahead, the revelations start to flow. Golf is like that.

“A labour of love”: Zambia’s accidental tomato farmer (Sparky1)

Maria Zaloumis went from being a specialised nurse in Australia to a very successful tomato farmer in her native Zambia. She now employs more than 70 people from local communities enabling them to send their kids to school.

How to Use Your Credit Card to Help the Environment (Thomas R.)

A few credit cards have the donation aspect built right in. When you use the World Wildlife Fund Credit Card from Bank of America, the WWF receives 0.08% of all net retail purchases made on the card. That’s eight cents for every $100 you spend, which isn’t a lot—but every little bit helps. Plus, you’ll earn your own cash back rewards with every purchase.

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