Daily Digest 9/10 – Amazon Takes Steps To Abandon Seattle, Financial Pain From Pandemic ‘Much, Much Worse’ Than Expected


Do Jobless Benefits Deter Workers? Some Employers Say Yes. Studies Don’t. (jdargis)

The $600-a-week jobless benefit supplement that Congress approved in March as part of the CARES Act has been widely credited by economists with keeping the economy functioning through the coronavirus pandemic. Households used the extra cash to pay rent, buy food and cover medical, utility and credit card bills when many businesses abruptly shut and cars lined up for miles at food banks.

With the supplement, which ended in July, most unemployed workers got more than they had earned in wages; without it, they fell short of their previous income. So did the supplement simply provide a lifeline, or did it discourage people from taking jobs?

NPR Poll: Financial Pain From Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Much, Much Worse’ Than Expected (edelinski)

Houston had an especially high proportion of Latino households (77%) and Black households (81%) reporting serious financial problems. But the other three cities in our survey have had high rates as well: 73% of Latinos in New York City tell us their household experienced serious financial problems since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, along with 71% of Latinos in Los Angeles and 63% in Chicago.

Majorities of Black households in Chicago (69%), New York City (62%) and Los Angeles (52%) also report serious financial problems.

Stanley Druckenmiller: The stock market is in an ‘absolute raging mania’ (Herman J.)

The stock market is in a mania fueled by the Federal Reserve and investor speculation that will end badly in the coming years, longtime hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Wednesday.

Rantz: Amazon takes another major step to abandon Seattle (TourGuideDC)

Amazon, which leases over six million square feet of office space in Seattle, recently announced another significant move. In addition to the 15,000 previously announced jobs, Amazon said they were bringing another 10,000 jobs to Bellevue. These aren’t just new jobs. An Amazon source say the plan includes moving Seattle jobs to Bellevue.

They’re also expanding their office footprint in Bellevue. Amazon owns or leases nearly five million square feet of office space in the city, with the new additions of the 42-story 555 Tower and the three 16- to 17-story towers in the West Main block.

New audio proves it: Trump deliberately deceived America about the coronavirus (tmn)

Later that month, Trump claimed in public that the virus would disappear “like a miracle.” He also said that “you have 15 people [with the coronavirus], and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.” In early March, he also publicly compared the coronavirus to the flu, arguing that Covid-19 hadn’t killed as many people in the US as the common flu does.

Inside the Dangerous Mission to Understand What Makes Extremists Tick—and How to Change Their Minds (jdargis)

That means getting as close to the perpetrators and their supporters as possible. Much of Artis’ work has been rooted in behavioral sciences and informed by straightforward research methods, like surveys. But Artis researchers have also pushed the boundaries of social science, through everything from experimental surveys on armed forces to psychological tests on imprisoned extremists. Its investigations have led researchers to the front lines of the war against ISIS, restive areas in North Africa, and lately into Eastern Europe and cyberspace.

DHS whistleblower alleges he was told to stop producing reports on Russian interference (tmn)

The whistleblower complaint also alleges that acting DHS deputy secretary Ken Cuccinelli directed Murphy to modify a Homeland Threat Assessment report to make the threat of white supremacist violence “appear less severe.”

If the US had Canada’s Covid-19 death rate, 100,000 more Americans would likely be alive today (tmn)

So that got me wondering: What would a more comprehensive comparison look like? What would the US death toll be like if the country had the same rate of Covid-19 deaths as some other wealthy nations, accounting for population differences?

Photos: Wildfires Rage Across the American West (HCR)

An unprecedented outbreak of wind-driven wildfires has erupted across parts of California, Oregon, and Washington in recent days, generating enormous clouds of thick smoke that have blanketed much of the Pacific Coast, affecting visibility and air quality. California’s wildfires this year have burned more than 2 million acres, setting a new record, according to the state’s fire department. Gathered below are images from the past few days of some of the dozens of fires currently active, as well as those battling against and affected by them.

At least 7 dead as nearly 200 wildfires burn across West (tmn)

Two people were found dead in a vehicle in Marion County, Oregon, Wednesday, after fire swept through the area on Monday. Sheriff Joe Kast said he fears that others will be found deceased.

Also in Oregon, another victim was found near the origin of the Almeda Fire that began near homes in Medford yesterday, officials said. The blaze is moving so fast that it is hard for firefighters to stay ahead of it, said Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler.

Animal Populations Fell by 68% in 50 Years and It’s Getting Worse (Roger B.)

The report delivers a tough overall message. It suggests that continued human abuse of the planet may lead to collapse of the very natural systems and resources that allowed global civilization and modern societies to persist in the first place. And, they say, humanity is demonstrably to blame, and the damage is unprecedented in speed and vastness within human history.

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