Daily Digest 8/9 – Good News Friday: How To Watch Perseid Meteor Shower, Is Aging A Disease?

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Comcast’s $10 internet plan opens up to all low-income and disabled Americans (Thomas R.)

This is a 15-megabit connection (not a 5-megabit one as previously stated – my mistake), meaning it doesn’t technically qualify as “broadband” under current definitions. But you’ll be able to stream music, play games, do most web stuff and watch YouTube perfectly fine. Just be ready to buffer a bit if you want to watch Netflix in HD. There’s also a 1-terabyte data cap, so 4K all day probably isn’t a good idea.

Life-Extending Discovery Renews Debate Over Aging as a ‘Disease’ (Sparky1)

Last week, Sinclair and a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of New South Wales announced the discovery of a molecule that significantly boosts a cell’s ability to repair damaged DNA. In a paper published March 23 in the journal Science, the authors describe how a molecule called NAD+ blocks a protein that inhibits the body’s natural ability to repair DNA.

Tiny tardigrades crash-landed on the Moon and probably survived (Thomas R.)

According to the organization’s website, “We intend to gradually pepper the solar system with records of our civilization…. The more locations that Arch Libraries are sent to, the greater the probability that at least one of them will survive to be discovered in the distant future. Long after the pyramids have turned to dust, and no matter what transpires on Earth, the Billion Year Archive will remain.”

Actor Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in car (video) (Thomas R.)

The actor looked like a real-life action star when he rushed to free a baby from a car seat after a two-car collision in Los Angeles.

CRISPR Gene Editing Is Being Tested in Human Patients, and the Results Could Revolutionize Health Care (Sparky1)

But, if the CRISPR gene editing works, it would be a one-time fix for a genetic disorder that currently can’t be treated at all. “This is a super cool idea, and it has a ton of potential,” says Dr. Steven Schwartz, professor of ophthalmology at the University of California Los Angeles Stein Eye Institute, who is not involved in the study. The genetic editing would essentially eliminate the genetic mutation that these people had been born with, and depending on how early the treatment is given, could not only restore, but possibly preserve their vision.

Tiny Robots Swimming in Your Eye Could Provide Radical New Treatments (Sparky1)

The eyebots are definitely small — microscopic, in fact. At about 500 nanometers wide, they’re around 200 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. That’s smaller than most bacteria, researchers say, and it’s just the right size for sliding around in the complex molecular matrix of the eyeball.

Medicare will cover pioneering cancer treatment nationwide (Thomas R.)

In announcing the decision, Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said that until now, Medicare’s regional administrators had decided whether to cover the treatment, which led to confusion. Verma said the agency, which had scheduled this coverage decision originally for late May, has been struggling to figure out how to cover and pay for the treatment, called CAR T-cell therapy. The treatment costs $375,000 or $475,000, depending on whether it is used for advanced lymphoma or pediatric leukemia. Hospital stays can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of care.

Southwest pilot flew his Vietnam veteran father’s remains back to the place where he last saw him 52 years ago (Sparky1)

On Thursday, Knight — a pilot for Southwest — flew his father’s remains back to the place where he last saw him 52 years ago, Dallas Love Field Airport.

“You can’t imagine what an honor that is for a son to be able to do that for his father,” Knight said.

Why This Major Hotel Chain is Getting Rid of Its Mini Toiletries (Sparky1)

Food waste is on Barr’s radar, too, particularly at the company’s buffets. IHG recently partnered with Winnow, a technology that uses an intelligent camera, smart scales, and AI technology, to track the plates of guests from preparation to disposal, analyzing what food items are being most wasted, and in what quantities. Barr expects participating hotels to report a 30 percent reduction in food waste.

The Perseid meteor shower should be striking despite the August full moon. Here’s how to watch. (Thomas R.)

The Perseid meteors are so named because they appear to come from the direction of Perseus, a large constellation in the northern sky. Like other meteor showers, they arise when small, fast-moving bits of debris from the tail of a comet smash into Earth’s upper atmosphere. In this case the debris is moving at 132,000 miles per hour when it hits the atmosphere, and the comet is a particularly large one known as Swift-Tuttle, which completes one orbit of the sun every 133 years.

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