Daily Digest 8/5 – Record “Red Tide” Killing Wildlife In Florida, The Distribution Of Pain

Daily Digest 8/5 - Record
  • Why companies flush with tax-cut cash are spending more on share buybacks than wage hikes
  • Coffins destroyed in China in search of solution to burying 9 million bodies a year
  • Trump Welcomes Immigrants, But Only If They Can Be Exploited
  • Senators introduce bill to slap ‘crushing’ new sanctions on Russia
  • Russian authorities prepare to soften plan to raise retirement age, sources say
  • Job growth has never lasted this long before. Neither has weak wage growth.
  • All Good Gadgets Go to Waste
  • Drug giant Glaxo teams up with DNA testing company 23andMe
  • Stonehenge mystery solved, says breakthrough scientific study
  • Apple is worth $1 trillion. Here’s what that much money could actually do.
  • The Distribution of Pain, Redux
  • NOAA plans ‘outside the box’ response to save a starving Puget Sound orca
  • Meteor Explodes with 2.1 Kilotons of Force 25 Miles Above US Air Force Base in Greenland
  • Climate Change and the Next US Revolution
  • Record ‘Red Tide’ Of Toxic Algae Is Killing Wildlife In Florida
  • Everyday Plastics Found To Emit Greenhouse Gas Pollution As They Degrade

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