Daily Digest 8/28 – Good News Friday: Oil’s Dominance Is Waning, Students Stand for Masks in Schools

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When Your Best Friend Gives Birth to Your Babies—All 4 of Them (tmn)

Before we even decided, we had to get buy-in from both of our families. My family, of course, was like Wow, that’s amazing; of course we’re supportive. But we were more concerned about Deb’s family and how they would feel, because it’s her body. Her family was concerned about how she’d feel giving the kids to me, but her entire family was supportive and has never stopped being part of our life.

Students take a stand against ‘No Mask Monday’ protests (Jayann G.)

“Everybody’s got their own opinions, obviously,” said Enterprise High Principal Calvin Holt. “It’s a really emotionally charged issue.”

Holt said some students got wind of the protest and took time to reach out to each other and the community to stop it from happening.

Man pulls off ‘amazing’ surprise to ask brother with Down syndrome if he’ll be his best man: ‘He had no clue’ (Sparky1)

In a video he shared on Instagram, the 24-year-old hid a message in a bottle for his brother. While working with a metal detector in their yard, Henry came across it.

That message, full of love and praise, was Will’s way of “proposing” to Henry. As the 22-year-old realized what was happening, he leaped into his brother’s arms and embraced him.

Plane built on Mumbai rooftop takes to the skies (tmn)

When Indian pilot Amol Yadav told his family and friends that he wanted to build an aeroplane on the roof of his apartment building in Mumbai, no-one thought he could pull it off.

Universal basic income seems to improve employment and well-being (000)

However, the effect of basic income was complicated by legislation known as the “activation model”, which the Finnish government introduced at the beginning of 2018. It made the conditions for accessing unemployment benefits stricter.

The timing made it difficult to separate the effects of the basic income experiment from the policy change, said Ylikännö. “We can only say that the employment effect that we observed was as a joint result of the experiment and activation model,” she said.

An Archaeologist Discovered a Trove of Ancient Catholic Relics Under the Floorboards of a Tudor Manor in England (000)

Highlighting the group of discovered artifacts was a fragment of a 15th-century illuminated manuscript, the gold leaf of its text still intact. A medieval manuscripts specialist at Cambridge University’s library identified the fragment as belonging to psalm 39 from an early Latin translation of the bible called the Vulgate.

It likely belonged to a small prayer book, the specialist explained, which may have been used for secret Catholic masses before being stashed when the queen’s men came knocking. In a similar vein was a remnant from a 16th-century Spanish romance book, the type of which English Catholics of the period would often read as religious material wasn’t available in their home country.

Memorial to enslaved laborers spontaneously inaugurated at the university of virginia (tmn)

UVA students catalyzed a memorial to honor the lives of the enslaved community in 2010 with initiatives to raise awareness about the history of slavery at the university. The following year, they formed a student-run competition for a memorial to enslaved laborers. The president’s commission on slavery and the university (PCSU) was then formed in 2013 to explore and report on the history of slavery on UVA grounds. As a result of this work, UVA formally commissioned the memorial to enslaved laborers in 2016.

The End Of Oil Is Near (Bill M.)

In contrast to an agenda that doubles down on dirty fuels, a wealth of green recovery programs aim to keep fossil fuels in the ground as part of a just transition to a sustainable and equitable economy. If these policies prevail, the industry will rapidly shrink to a fraction of its former stature. Thus, as at no other time since the industry’s inception, the actions taken now by the public and by policymakers will determine oil’s fate.

The Greenpeace activists are right. Whether the pandemic marks the end of oil “is up to you.”

Insurance giant Suncorp to end coverage and finance for oil and gas industry (Bill M.)

Major Australian insurer Suncorp will end any financing or insuring of the oil and gas industry by 2025, adding to the group’s existing ban on support for new thermal coal projects.

The insurer revealed on Friday it had already stopped insuring, underwriting or directly investing in new oil and gas projects and would phase out underwriting and financing existing oil and gas businesses by 2025.

Eighty years after Hindenburg, startup pitches hydrogen flight (Roger B.)

So Eremenko’s startup, called Universal Hydrogen Co., has developed Kevlar-coated, pill-shaped pods — about 7 feet in length and 3 in diameter — filled with hydrogen. The pods are designed to double as a storage container for transporting the hydrogen, by truck, train or other means, and a gas tank when loaded into a plane. If filled with water, each would hold about 208 gallons, and they can be stacked in racks so that 54 would fit inside a standard freight shipping container. They can even be loaded into a plane with a forklift, he said. The point is that airports wouldn’t need pipelines or underground tanks.

Feeling Isolated in Their Neighbourhood, This Couple Planted a Seed. Oh, How It Bloomed (westcoastjan)

Then, one day, Barry Jung was at work building a garden space in his front yard and noticed that passersby were stopping to look. Next to the row of adjacent houses all set behind lawns and hedges, the Jungs’ vegetable and fruit garden must’ve looked almost naked.

“People started coming and asking, ‘What are you doing, aren’t you afraid that people will steal your vegetables?’” said Joan Jung. “And it invited this curiosity. We found that through the garden, people started having conversations.”

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