Daily Digest 8/25 – Wells Fargo Resumes Job Cuts After Pandemic Break, 1,900 Pilots To Be Furloughed In October


Delta set to furlough over 1,900 pilots in October (Sparky1)

Atlanta-based Delta had originally estimated a surplus of 2,558 pilots but reduced the number of involuntary furloughs following early retirement and voluntary departure programs, a spokeswoman said.

But there were still roughly 11,200 active pilots on Delta’s roster, Laughter said, with only about 9,450 needed for the summer 2021 schedule, which the carrier expects will be the peak flying period for the next 12-18 months.

Rantz: Businesses ditch downtown Seattle over crime, council attacks on cops (TourGuideDC)

Andrea and Joe Raetzer of Steepologie Teas have long expressed concern over the area’s escalating crime. And when they learned the Seattle City Council was going to defund the Seattle Police Department, cutting up to 100 officers, they decided enough was enough. They are leaving their downtown location.

“This hurts, but it was absolutely necessary to take a stand and say we can no longer be put at risk nor can our team members,” Andrea told the Daily Caller.

It’s not just you. Zoom is down across the US (Sparky1)

In Atlanta, the outage affected public school students on their first day back. Atlanta Public Schools sent out a tweet saying it was working to resolve the problem.

A glance at Down Detector, which tracks internet outages, show users in the United Kingdom were also experiencing issues.

Wisconsin calls out National Guard after unrest over police shooting of Black man (tmn)

Video of the encounter taken by an onlooker showed Blake walking toward the driver’s side of a gray SUV followed by two officers with their guns drawn at his back. Seven gunshots are then heard as Blake, who appears unarmed, opens the car door and a woman nearby jumps up and down in disbelief.

Wells Fargo resumes job cuts after pandemic break (Sparky1)

“We expect to reduce the size of our workforce through a combination of attrition, the elimination of open roles, and job displacements,” a spokeswoman said in an email, adding that Wells Fargo was working to bring its expenses more in line with its peers and create a company that is more “nimble”.

The bank will provide severance and career assistance to affected staff.

UK local newspaper closures: At least 265 titles gone since 2005, but pace of decline has slowed (tmn)

JPI Media closed the greatest number – 13 – with ten of those closedd at once in June last year. The publisher said no jobs would be lost in relation to the closures, with staff moving to other titles.

This was followed by Reach and Tindle on seven closures each, although six of those at Tindle were from the same Welsh series.

The Bearish Case For Oil Prices (Michael S.)

“NOC reiterates its call for all oil facilities to be freed from military occupation to ensure the security and safety of its workers. Once this has been done, NOC should be able to lift force majeure and re-commence oil export operations,” the company said.

P>If the rival factions reach some form of a lasting truce, the potential return of Libyan oil exports would weigh on oil prices as they would increase global supply at a time when demand recovery is very fragile.

Record heat, unprecedented lightning fire siege in Northern California; more dry lightning to come (tmn)

And there there came the lightning. Over 11,000 strikes were recorded over northern California over a 36 hour period, and many of these occurred pretty close to the coast (though some did extend inland over the Sacramento Valley and its foothills). As feared, unusually dry vegetation following an extremely dry winter and in the midst of a record heatwave acted as tinder–and many of these lightning strikes ignited wildfires. Over 350 lightning fires were reported over NorCal this week. But the number of fires is actually not the most problematic aspect of this event–it’s the astonishing speed with which these fires grew and their relative proximity to many heavily populated areas.

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