Daily Digest 8/16 – “Marine Heat Waves” Doubled Since 1982, We Wanted Safer Banks And Got More Inequality

Daily Digest 8/16 -
  • Economic Contagion? Central Banks Are The Real Culprit
  • We Wanted Safer Banks. We Got More Inequality.
  • Primary elections: new wave of firebrand candidates prepare for 2018 midterm elections under Trump
  • Crypto market crash prompts suicide concerns
  • Nikkei rebounds after recent uncertainty over Turkey crisis as China lags
  • Verizon lied about 4G coverage—and it could hurt rural America, group says
  • The Dow just registered its longest stint in correction territory in nearly 60 years
  • U.S., China to Resume Trade Talks as Tariffs Bite
  • China’s Plan to Tank Their Own Stock Market
  • Uber cuts its losses, and revenue soars 63%
  • Measles outbreak hits 21 states, including Florida and Tennessee
  • Oil Demand Growth Starts To Weaken In Asia
  • Number of “marine heat waves” roughly doubled between 1982 and 2016, study finds
  • Global heatwave is symptom of early stage cycle of civilisational collapse

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