Daily Digest 8/1 – The Great Climate Migration, One Billionaire vs. the Mail


Hong Kong postpones elections for a year ‘over virus concerns’ (SillyTheEnemy)

Hong Kong, a former British colony, was handed back to China in 1997 under an agreement meant to guarantee a high degree of autonomy for 50 years.

Pro-democracy candidates had made unprecedented gains in last year’s district council elections, winning 17 out of 18 councils.

One Billionaire vs. the Mail (edelinski)

The CEO and chairman of the manufacturing conglomerate Koch Industries has never held public office. His brother and business partner David became the vice-presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party in 1980 (after Charles became the party’s biggest donor), and put privatizing the Postal Service into the platform. David Koch and presidential nominee Ed Clark earned only about 1 percent of the vote, but Koch patiently worked to move his ideas further and further into the mainstream.

Astronauts Set To Return To Earth In First U.S. Splashdown In Decades (TourGuideDC)

“Just like on an airliner, there are bags if you need them. And we’ll have those handy,” Hurley said in a press conference held on Friday, while on board the station. “And if that needs to happen, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that that’s happened in a space vehicle. It will be the first time in this particular vehicle, if we do.”

More than three million Chileans seek to withdraw pensions amid pandemic (Sparky1)

“As we warned from the beginning, this process is unprecedented and we have had to quickly prepare all the platforms,” said Fernando Larraín, president of Chile´s association of pension fund managers.

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It (000)

Until now, technology that readily identifies everyone based on his or her face has been taboo because of its radical erosion of privacy. Tech companies capable of releasing such a tool have refrained from doing so; in 2011, Google’s chairman at the time said it was the one technology the company had held back because it could be used “in a very bad way.” Some large cities, including San Francisco, have barred police from using facial recognition technology.

Anarchy From Above (thc0655)

These are the grim but necessary costs of containing a pandemic, we have been told.

Yet the same governments that barred you from your sister’s funeral, that locked you out of Sunday service… have blessed the mightiest mass gatherings we have ever encountered.

America’s “Days of Rage”: The Extensive Left-Wing Bombings & Domestic Terrorism of the 1970s (Alex)

The Weathermen started out as a faction within Students for a Democratic Society. Without getting too much into the weeds, much of what happens during this period of leftist terrorism in the United States has its genesis in a faction fight between the Weathermen, who controlled the national SDS organization, and the rest of their faction (known as the Revolutionary Youth Movement II or RYM II), who were in opposition to the more classically Maoist Worker Student Alliance.

Hundreds of pitchfork-wielding protesters gathered outside billionaires’ Hamptons mansions to demand a wealth tax (Sparky1)

The economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus crisis has strengthened calls for a wealth tax, especially in New York, where Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex has proposed a special state tax on the ultrawealthy. The proposal has the support of at least 83 ultrawealthy people, including Ben & Jerry’s cofounder Jerry Greenfield and Disney heiress Abigail Disney, who penned an open letter arguing that such a tax would “ensure we adequately fund our health systems, schools, and security … immediately. Substantially. Permanently.”

When Corporate Power Is Your Real Government, Corporate Media Is State Media (pinecarr)

The United States has never at any time been a champion of democracy in Latin America, before or since the Cold War. It has intervened hundreds of times in the continent’s affairs throughout history with everything from murderous corporate colonialism to deadly CIA regime change operations to overt military invasions. It is currently trying to orchestrate a coup in Venezuela after failing to stage one during the Bush administration, it’s pushing regime change in Nicaragua, and The New York Times itself admitted this year that it was wrong to promote the false US government narrative of electoral shenanigans in Bolivia’s presidential race last year, a narrative which facilitated a bloody fascist coup.

There’s a salmonella outbreak in 48 states linked to backyard poultry, and more people are infected than in years past (Sparky1)

The presumed culprit in this outbreak is poultry. Public health officials interviewed over 400 of the people who fell ill with salmonella, and 74% of them said they’d had contact with chicks and ducklings.

Since the first illness was reported in January, the CDC said it’s identified 15 multistate outbreaks. So far, three of them, found in Kentucky and Oregon, have been linked to poultry and their coops.

The Great Climate Migration (Bill M.)

Even as hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans fled north toward the United States in recent years, in Jorge’s region — a state called Alta Verapaz, where precipitous mountains covered in coffee plantations and dense, dry forest give way to broader gentle valleys — the residents have largely stayed. Now, though, under a relentless confluence of drought, flood, bankruptcy and starvation, they, too, have begun to leave. Almost everyone here experiences some degree of uncertainty about where their next meal will come from. Half the children are chronically hungry, and many are short for their age, with weak bones and bloated bellies. Their families are all facing the same excruciating decision that confronted Jorge.

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