Daily Digest 7/7 – Mexico’s Next Chapter, Paying For Tesla’s Gigafactory

Daily Digest 7/7 - Mexico's Next Chapter, Paying For Tesla's Gigafactory
  • $700 billion will disappear from Social Security’s coffers in next decade
  • Mexico’s Next Chapter
  • Survival Of The Richest
  • Trump Scoreboard still showing better numbers on jobs than wages as total hiring tops 3 million for the presidency
  • China-U.S. tariffs: Wisconsin cheese industry hopes Trump has strategy in trade disputes 
  • AP Exclusive: Washington psychiatric hospital called ‘hell’
  • Nerve agents not found in samples from Syria’s Douma – interim OPCW report 
  • ‘All humanity has left the area’: paying for Tesla’s Gigafactory 
  • Psychology’s Replication Crisis Can’t Be Wished Away 
  • There Are Fears About an Oil Spike Above $150
  • U.S. agriculture secretary says exports at risk in tariff disputes

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