Daily Digest 7/30 – U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 150,000, China’s Repression of the Uighurs, Explained


Donald Trump suggests delay to 2020 US presidential election (Sparky1)

Under the US constitution, Mr Trump does not have the authority to postpone the election himself. Any delay would have to be approved by Congress. The president does not have direct power over the two houses of Congress.

In a series of tweets, Mr Trump said “universal mail-in voting” would make November’s vote the “most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history” and a “great embarrassment to the USA”.

Amazon Told Police It Has Partnered With 200 Law Enforcement Agencies (000)

The officer who sent the email told Motherboard that the email was a transcribed version of handwritten notes that he took during a team webinar with a Ring representative on April 9. Additional emails obtained by Motherboard indicate that this webinar trained officers on how to use the “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal.” This portal allows local police to see a map with the approximate locations of all Ring cameras in a neighborhood, and request footage directly from camera owners. Owners need to consent, but police do not need a warrant to ask for footage.

‘A lot of people said it’s a fake issue’: Trump confirms he didn’t raise Russian bounties with Putin (tmn)

Powell criticized the media’s initial reaction to the bounty story earlier this month, telling MSNBC that “our military commanders on the ground did not think that it was as serious a problem as the newspapers were reporting and television was reporting.”

Forecasting Intelligence: A Pregnant Pause (James W.)

In regard to the markets, I’m expecting a healthy correction soon in the stock markets as the perfect V shaped recovery priced in doesn’t match with economic reality. However, a surge in equity markets later on this year, assuming the Covid outbreak fades in the United States, the economy continues recovering and continued money printing looks likely.

Crypto markets also look bullish, with bitcoin breaking out of a key resistance level at $10.5k along with other quality altcoins being adopted in the real world.

Concentration camps and forced labor: China’s repression of the Uighurs, explained (tmn)

Jewher’s father was targeted by the Chinese government for his advocacy of Uighur rights. But in recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has arbitrarily detained between 1 million and 3 million other Uighurs in so-called “reeducation centers” and forced them to undergo psychological indoctrination programs, such as studying communist propaganda and giving thanks to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese officials have also reportedly used waterboarding and other forms of torture, including sexual abuse, as part of the indoctrination process.

The Latest: U.S. death toll from coronavirus hit 150,000 (tmn)

The bleak milestone comes amid signs that the nation’s outbreak is beginning to stabilize in the Sun Belt but heating up in the Midwest, fueled largely by young adults who are hitting bars, restaurants and gyms again.

The surge has been accompanied by a burgeoning outbreak of misinformation and conspiracy theories about supposed cures and the effectiveness of masks.

Fauci Recommends Wearing Goggles or Eye Shields to Protect against Coronavirus (Sparky1)

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already recommends wearing a face mask that covers the nose and mouth in public, the virus can also enter through the eyes.

“If you really want to be complete, you should probably use it if you can,” he said, noting that the reason eyewear hasn’t been recommended yet is “it’s so easy for people to just make a cloth mask.”

SARS-CoV-2 viral load dynamics, duration of viral shedding and infectiousness – a living 2 systematic review and meta-analysis (Dell)

Although SARS-CoV-2 RNA shedding in respiratory and stool can be prolonged, duration of viable virus is relatively short-lived. Thus, detection of viral RNA cannot be used to infer infectiousness. High SARS-CoV-2 titres are detectable in the first week of illness with an early peak observed at symptom onset to day 5 of illness. This review underscores the importance of early case finding and isolation, as well as public education on the spectrum of illness. However, given potential delays in the isolation of patients, effective containment of SARS-CoV-2 may be challenging even with an early detection and isolation strategy.

Profiting from panic: the bizarre bogus cures and scams of the coronavirus era (000)

Myriad other medications have been recommended as treatments for COVID-19. In Italy, a pharmacist claimed that Avigan, an antiviral medication, was being used in Japan as a cure and accused Italian pharmaceutical companies of concealing the potential treatment for profit reasons. This claim was debunked based on the drug’s limited success. In other countries a wide range of unsubstantiated treatments have been promoted, including: the antiseptic Betadine (Tunisia) and even supposedly antibiotic aspirin (Philippines and Germany). The final claim is ludicrous on two fronts: COVID-19 is a viral disease, not a bacterial illness treatable by antibiotics, and aspirin, of course, is not an antibiotic. Yet, in India, aspirin mixed with home remedy ingredients such as lemon juice and honey has been hailed as a cure in a set of viral WhatsApp and Facebook messages.

The Danger of Censoring Doctors (yogmonster)

Today is a different show than I usually do. Yesterday a group of doctors called America’s Frontline Doctors courageously told the truth about hydroxychloroquine in a series of videos. The most powerful video they released in my opinion was then banned by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Following that their website was taken down by Square Space and the establishment is now going into character assassination mode on all of them.

Jordan ‘rotten meat’: Child dies and 800 poisoned near Amman (Sparky1)

As of Wednesday four people were in intensive care and 321 remained in hospital in a stable condition, Health Minister Saad Jaber said.

“All those affected said they had eaten meals from the same restaurant,” he was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.

Zimbabwe signs $3.5 billion deal to compensate white farmers (Sparky1)

Economists agree that the Zimbabwean government, cash strapped after years of hyper-inflation and allegations of mismanagement, cannot afford to make the compensation.

In a statement, the Finance Ministry said that they will be issuing long term bonds and that the parties will approach international donors to try and raise the funds.

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