Daily Digest 7/22 – Extended Jobless Benefits To End In Days, Infections Far Higher Than Confirmed But Most Americans Still Not Exposed


As Trump Threatens Secret Police Deployment Nationwide, Democrats Debate Expanding Surveillance Powers And New Money For DHS (000)

“What you’re seeing is this giant Trump administration machine deputize every arm of government to engage in their agenda at the expense of democracy and the Constitution, so there aren’t traditional boundaries anymore for any of those pieces of legislation,” Jayapal said. “Every argument is about, do you want to give more tools to the Trump administration to destroy our Constitution?”

Federal officers use gas, force on hundreds gathered in downtown Portland Tuesday (tmn)

People nearly filled two blocks of Southwest Third Avenue, where two federal buildings sit beside the downtown jail. The jail has been at the center of protests since they began May 28. In recent weeks, federal officers have often emerged from the federal buildings next to the Justice Center to shoot so-called less-lethal munitions and gas protesters.

“The jobs aren’t there”: Why cutting off enhanced unemployment benefits would leave workers in the lurch (tmn)

First approved in the CARES Act, the recent boost to UI adds an extra $600 per week to benefits that a worker receives. That expansion is significant: Exact benefits vary by state, but the average weekly amount prior to this addition was $370. With the legislation’s boost, that figure increases to $970 per week.

Experts say the UI expansion has been central to keeping the country’s economy afloat as the US continues to deal with the fallout from Covid-19: The benefits are intended to help workers stay safe and remain home as policymakers address the public health crisis.

Extra $600 in jobless benefits ends in days. It could prove “disastrous.” (tmn)

Most workers will receive their last week of extra jobless benefits this week, despite the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security, or CARES, Act set July 31 as the final day for paying the additional $600 in weekly benefits. But states that disburse their unemployment benefits on weeks that end on Saturdays or Sundays will end the extra benefits either the week ending Saturday, July 25, or Sunday, July 26.

Save your money – Don’t go to College (Jane L.)

In 2007 the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program was created to forgive any college graduate that works in the public service sector for ten years.

The federal government is a direct holder of student debt about 1.2 trillion of the 1.7 trillion. So while they could technically do student loan forgiveness, the question is then who pays for it in the long term?

Buying your local newspaper out from a chain: attractive in theory, tougher in practice (tmn)

McClatchy will almost certainly be passing, post-bankruptcy, into the hands of its chief creditor, Chatham Asset Management. Might a local group carve out the Miami Herald (or another McClatchy title like The Sacramento Bee or The Kansas City Star)?

With the right offer, you could probably get Gannett to sell one of its 250-plus daily outlets or even get arch-villain consolidator, Alden Global Capital, to part with one of its 60 or so dailies.

Coronavirus Infections Far Higher Than Confirmed But Most Americans Still Not Exposed (tmn)

Samples were taken from more than 16,000 people through the spring. Researchers relied on samples taken for routine tests, such as cholesterol tests, with more than a third coming from those aged 65 or older. Results for two rounds of sampling for eight of the 10 regions were released by the CDC.

All the regions surveyed showed differences in estimates arrived at through the survey and confirmed cases. In Missouri, for example, that difference was 24 times in April. Though by the second round of sampling, in late May, that dropped to 13 times.

Covid-19 may cause PRIAPISM: infected 62-year-old man suffers from four-hour erection (Paul D.)

A 62-year-old man in France suffered from priapism – an erection that lasts more than four hours – while receiving hospital care for a serious Covid-19

Doctors at the Versailles Hospital Center in Le Chesnay, a region near Paris, wrote about the man in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Perspective: The New Stability (tmn)

I strip in the doorway when I get home, stand in the shower too tired to think or cry. I sing “Happy Birthday” twice over every part of my body. At work I can’t eat, at night I can’t sleep. The dreams I have now have only three themes: gasping for breath; wiping things down; somehow, by accident, being touched by somebody. Did you ever wake in those last moments, or in your sedation did you ever dream? I still wake some days with a small beat like a held breath before the truth of this new world hits me. “Be safe,” say the families I call on the phone with updates.

Op-Ed: As a restaurant server, I’m risking my life to serve you during the pandemic. Please remember that (tmn)

And so, without any scientific evidence that we could serve a meal and stay safe, we invited people to enjoy a meal with us. The reality is that we don’t know if we’re doing enough to keep them — or us — from getting sick and dying. My thoughts constantly return to my two teenagers at home.

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