Daily Digest 6/28 – Good News Friday: Helsinki’s Radical Solution To Homelessness, Canada To Ban Single-Use Plastics

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N.Y. Lawmakers Pass Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana and Expunge 900,000 Arrests (sv)

The measure allows individuals to avoid criminal penalties for holding less than two ounces (57 grams) of the drug. The law still calls for a $50 fine for holding less than an ounce, and $200 for one to two ounces. It also provides procedures to expunge records of convictions.

Dad, We Need To Talk (Tom P.)

But the blow didn’t kill the dog. The driver that hit her sped off and left Chica half-dead and crying in the road. But the next car did stop. It was a young black kid. A young black kid who saw a young white kid on his knees in the middle of downtown Indianapolis. His name was Kenny. He opened his door, got out of his car, walked up to my son, and said “hey, I got you”. He then walked Max out to the middle of Indiana Avenue and they picked up a bloody Chica and loaded her into Kenny’s car.

Why a Computer History Museum Owns a Legendary Teapot (Thomas R.)

During his student years, Newell faced a problem. He needed a new 3D model, but many existing mathematical models were too simplistic to test the techniques he was working with. According to several interviews, his wife, Sandra, suggested that he use their tea set, which included a white teapot. Inspired, Newell sketched out the dimensions of the teapot on graph paper, then entered its coordinates on a Tektronix storage tube, an early computer graphics terminal.

The TurboTax Giveaway Is Dead (sv)

“This is a significant victory for low and moderate income taxpayers,” said Mandi Mattlock, a tax attorney on contract for the law center.

‘It’s a miracle’: Helsinki’s radical solution to homelessness (sv)

“It was clear to everyone the old system wasn’t working; we needed radical change,” says Juha Kaakinen, the working group’s secretary and first programme leader, who now runs the Y-Foundation developing supported and affordable housing.

Renewable electricity beat out coal for the first time in April (tmn)

One thing to keep in mind, however: coal’s demise has many environmental benefits, including reductions in particulate and sulfur oxides pollution as well as better health for those who once lived near coal plants. But fewer coal plants have not been translating to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions in the US. In fact, the boom in new natural gas plants around the country has more than made up for coal retirements in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. If we’re going to take on climate change in an expeditious manner, cheap natural gas will have to be the next target.

Canada to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021 (sv)

“As parents we’re at a point when we take our kids to the beach and we have to search out a patch of sand that isn’t littered with straws, Styrofoam or bottles,” Mr Trudeau said.

“That’s a problem, one that we have to do something about.”

New York City Passed Its Own Green New Deal–Like Legislation (sv)

According to the city’s website, the Climate Mobilization Act also includes provisions to study the feasibility of replacing gas-fired power plants, block a natural gas pipeline, encouraging or requiring green roofs depending on building size, and imposing a fee on paper bags. The Hill reported that the bill passed 45-2.

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