Daily Digest 6/15 – Tenants Behind On Rent Face Harassment & Eviction, The Gaslighting Of America Has Begun


Tenants behind on rent in pandemic face harassment, eviction (Sparky1)

“Every day, they tried to basically get us out of there. It was basically like a game to them,” said Rooks, who wasn’t able to make his rent at the Marietta, Georgia, motel after his employer paid him late and his wife was laid off in the pandemic. “One of us had to stay in a room at all times because they wouldn’t redo the keys for us.”

The evictions threaten to exacerbate a problem that has plagued people of color like Rooks long before the pandemic, when landlords across the U.S. were filing about 300,000 eviction requests every month.

Beijing district in ‘wartime emergency’ after virus cluster at major food market (Sparky1)

The closure of the market and new restrictions come as concerns grow about a second wave of the pandemic, which has infected more than 7.66 million people worldwide and killed more than 420,000.

They also underline how even in countries which have had great success in curbing the spread of the virus, clusters can sometimes easily arise.

3 Researchers Break Down COVID-19 Vaccines They’re Developing (Sparky1)

Dr. Seema Yasmin talks to three Covid-19 vaccine researchers who are developing three different types of vaccines. Traditionally, vaccines are created by using a weakened or dead version of the virus and injecting that into the body. Many of these developing coronavirus vaccines are using new technologies. What’s the difference between recombinant protein-based vaccine, a DNA-based vaccine and an mRNA-based vaccine?

Rayshard Brooks death: Atlanta police officer fired; police chief steps down (Sparky1)

The moves follow Saturday’s resignation of Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields, who stepped down as the Friday night killing of Rayshard Brooks, 27, sparked a new wave of protests in Atlanta after turbulent demonstrations that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis had simmered down.

The terminated officer was identified as Garrett Rolfe, who was hired in October 2013, Atlanta Police Department Sergeant John Chafee told USA TODAY. The other officer placed on administrative duty is Devin Brosnan, who was hired in September 2018.

In London skirmishes, suspected far-right protester is rescued (Sparky1)

The man had been set upon on the steps leading to the Royal Festival Hall in central London and badly beaten, before other protesters stepped in to protect him, Reuters journalists at the scene said.

Earlier in the day there were skirmishes between anti-racism groups and far-right activists. Anti-racist protesters have rallied for days against racism and police abuses since the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

Johnson condemns ‘thuggery’ after far-right protests in London (Sparky1)

The Metropolitan Police said they arrested more than 100 people for offences including violent disorder and assault on police, and that six officers had suffered minor injuries. The ambulance service said it had treated 15 people.

“It is clear that far-right groups are causing violence and disorder in central London, I urge people to stay away,” Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Twitter.

The Masks Masquerade (000)

Now consider (Fig 1) that probability must follow a nonlinear dose-response, an “S curve”. In the convex part of the curve, gains are disproportionately large: a reduction of x% of viral exposure leads to a drop of much more than x in risk of infection. And, patently we are in the convex part of the curve. For example, to use the case above, a reduction of viral load by 75% for a short exposure could reduce the probability of infection by 95% or more!

On toxic virtue and the new digital samizdat (thc0655)

Risk asymmetry is differentiated into those who can borrow billions of dollars in freshly printed currency at no cost, and those who pay 22% on their credit cards (Keiser calls this “interest rate apartheid”).

Risk asymmetry is when the bank fails, or some public corp that levered up to buy back its own shares fails, they get bailed out in the latter, and maybe even bailed-in, with your money, if the former. But when your small business fails, or your job gets eliminated, well tough titties, that’s capitalism.

The Gaslighting Of America Has Begun (tmn)

If we want and expect to lead long and fruitful lives, the slowdown and the great despair that comes with it cannot continue. We cannot, my friend, burn it all down. We must fix it. I have news for you: The fix is you. I don’t mean that in an obtuse, crazy, Jedi-master way. I mean it literally; what you and I do next matters. It matters for our ourselves, our parents, our kids, our future grandkids, and even for our living grandparents (the “high-risk” generation that so many have been so willing to let perish). Like it or not, we are in this together, you and me. We must reject the notion that somehow my getting what I want and need robs you of getting what you want and need. We must reject the idea that there are only a certain number of seats at the table, and if you get one then I lose one. And we must reject the belief, so deeply rooted in each of us and in our culture, that we cannot work together for the greater good.

ICE Plans to Spend $18 Million on Thousands of New Tasers (Sparky1)

Posted last week, the contracting opportunity calls on interested vendors to assist ICE officers whose “mission includes the apprehension and removal of immigration law violators which requires officers to use non-lethal means of subduing a hostile, non-cooperating individual.” According to a June 4 work statement, ICE is particularly interested in multi-cartridge weapons with the ability to shoot up to 25 feet.

The Abrupt, Radical Reversal in How Public Health Experts Now Speak About the Coronavirus and Mass Gatherings (Sparky1)

In sum, all decent people, by definition, accepted and submitted to the imperative of self-isolating and staying at home. No harms from that isolation — whether economic, social, or ones implicating mental and physical health — justified opposing or even questioning that decree. Not just our own health but the lives of others, the social good, concern over the well-being of nurses and doctors, and ongoing respect for science and medicine mandated that we acquiesce to this framework.

African American reparation bill passes California Assembly (Sparky1)

“The response really has to be framed around the issue of continuing racial injustice that started back in 1619 when Africans were stolen from Africa and brought here as enslaved people,” Holder said, adding black people still deal with racial discrimination. “Then you don’t get into this messy, unintelligible notion of who is directly linked to a slave.”

Extraction Oil & Gas Files for Bankruptcy Amid Commodity Slump (Sparky1)

Its bankruptcy filing follows a collapse in oil prices to historic lows as the coronavirus pandemic slashed demand, and Saudi Arabia and Russia competed for market share. Extraction withdrew its 2020 guidance in May and warned it may have to file for bankruptcy.

More than 200 North American producers have filed for Chapter 11 since the beginning of 2015, according to a May report from law firm Haynes & Boone.

Carbon dioxide reaches a record level despite COVID-19’s drastic impact (Sparky1)

“People may be surprised to hear that the response to the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t done more to influence CO2 levels,” said geochemist Ralph Keeling in the release. Keeling runs the Scripps Oceanography program at Mauna Loa. “But the buildup of CO2 is a bit like trash in a landfill. As we keep emitting, it keeps piling up.

“The crisis has slowed emissions, but not enough to show up perceptibly at Mauna Loa. What will matter much more is the trajectory we take coming out of this situation,” Keeling said.

Epidemic of wipes and masks plagues sewers, storm drains (Sparky1)

While drain clogs aren’t new, most of the more than 15 cities contacted by The Associated Press said they’ve become a more costly and time consuming headache during the pandemic. Home-bound Americans are seeking alternatives to bathroom tissue because of occasional shortages, while stepping up efforts to sanitize their dwellings and themselves.

When Silicon Valley Goes Dark This Time, There Will Be No Refuge (Sparky1)

California regulators last month adopted new shutoff rules that will require the companies to restore electricity within 24 hours after the weather clears, although the state’s wind storms can last several days. PG&E, the state’s largest utility, has set its own goal of 12 daylight hours after the winds ease, and has nearly doubled the number of helicopters it will use to look for downed lines.

Bighorn Fire grows to nearly 9,000 acres near Tucson, Ariz. (Sparky1)

Forecasters said a dangerous combination of weather conditions will keep the threat high for fires like Bighorn to spread further and for new fires to ignite through the weekend.

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