Daily Digest 6/1 – Coronavirus In A Time Of Chimeras, Will Protests Set Off a Second Viral Wave?


Global Anger Grows Over George Floyd’s Death in Minneapolis (tmn)

And in Paris, among those calling for a demonstration was the family of Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old black man who died in custody in 2016 after being tackled and pinned down by the police in the Paris suburbs. La Vérité Pour Adama, or “the truth for Adama,” an advocacy group led by Mr. Traoré’s sister, Assa, said Mr. Floyd’s death was a chilling reminder of Mr. Traoré’s.

“How can one not think of Adama’s terrible suffering when he had three police officers on him and he was repeating, ‘I can’t breathe’,” the group wrote on Facebook last week. “His name was George Floyd, who just like Adama died because they were black.”

LAPD: “You will be fired upon” & Floyd Eyewitness (newsbuoy)

There was an interesting ethnic division in that small part of the ersatz “riot” I witnessed. Young and middle aged Black protesters held signs. LatinX protesters carried US and Mexican flags; some rode cars, honking and slamming accelerators to leave an acrid cloud of burning tire rubber, a very LA form of protest. A rock band defied the curfew from the back of a couple of pick-up trucks riding in noisy tandem.

The cops and looters (see photos) were uniformly white.

Will Protests Set Off a Second Viral Wave? (jdargis)

Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, a Republican, expressed concern that his state would see a spike in cases in about two weeks, which is about how long it takes for symptoms to emerge after someone is infected, while Atlanta’s mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, advised people who were out protesting “to go get a Covid test this week.”

Some infectious disease experts were reassured by the fact that the protests were held outdoors, saying the open air settings could mitigate the risk of transmission. In addition, many of the demonstrators were wearing masks, and in some places, they appeared to be avoiding clustering too closely.

Race wars, class wars, riots, arson… it’s all about the money system. (Phil D.)

Why do so few connect these dots? Cities are burning because the system is crooked; the justice system, yes, but it’s more than that. It’s our very system of money.

This, my friends, has hollowed our insides with rot. The maggots wait patiently on the field level for the plebes to drop.

The Secret, Absurd World of Coronavirus Mask Traders and Middlemen Trying To Get Rich Off Government Money (jdargis)

VPL’s owner, Bobby Bedi, said his company has delivered on its contracts and is providing good products during an unprecedented crisis. He dismissed fraud allegations against him and an associate as inevitable hiccups in doing business. He also denied that Ziploc bags were used to store hismasks, which are much cheaper and less effective than N95s at stopping the spread of the virus..

“VPL does not and has not ever delivered finished goods in repackaged materials,” he said.

Coronavirus in a Time of Chimeras (Tom C.)

Scientific endeavours like these are based on the assumption that an assemblage of smart samples will help in the identification and transplantation of optimal bits of DNA into future generations. It is not dissuaded by the nurture over nature debate, even after exhaustive studies have failed to establish genetic variants associated with intelligence. For example, a 2010 study led by Robert Plomin, a behavioural geneticist at King’s College London, had probed over 350,000 variations in single DNA letters across the genomes of 7,900 children but found no prized variant. Curiously, most of the smart samples procured by BGI Shenzhen were sourced from Plomin’s research activities.

Dutch Coronavirus Medicine Could Be Ready In 6 Months (Dutch Boomer)

“Antibodies can restrain a virus, like a few policemen can restrain a thief,” Bosch explained at a press conference. Scientists from all over the world are researching these antibodies, and he is pleased with that. “That means there is more to choose from and they could potentially work together. And in that way there is a bigger chance to fight the disease.” He believes that this antibody “has the potential to be used against future emerging SARS-related coronaviruses.”

Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything (Philip M.)

Months into the pandemic, there is now a growing body of evidence to support the theory that the novel coronavirus can infect blood vessels, which could explain not only the high prevalence of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks, but also provide an answer for the diverse set of head-to-toe symptoms that have emerged.

Walmart Employees Are Out to Show Its Anti-Theft AI Doesn’t Work (tmn)

The workers said they had been upset about Walmart’s use of Everseen for years, and claimed colleagues had raised concerns about the technology to managers, but were rebuked. They decided to speak to the press, they said, after a June 2019 Business Insider article reported Walmart’s partnership with Everseen publicly for the first time. The story described how Everseen uses AI to analyze footage from surveillance cameras installed in the ceiling, and can detect issues in real time, such as when a customer places an item in their bag without scanning it. When the system spots something, it automatically alerts store associates.

Hidden in the New House Coronavirus Relief Bill: Billions for Defense Contractors (jdargis)

The section of the new bill seeks to “clarify” a provision of the $2 trillion CARES Act that passed on March 27. That legislation reimburses firms for the wages and benefits of contract employees who must be kept “in a ready state, including to protect the life and safety of Government and contractor personnel,” but who can’t work because federal offices are closed or they’re following stay-at-home orders.

Future Transportation: These Emerging Technology Trends Will Transform Our Roads and Skies (Karlyn M.)

This aerial transportation method is already being prototyped by at least 20 companies. The flying taxis would move passengers above cities in small planes. The hope is that these flying taxis would provide safe, reasonably priced rides (such as $70 from Manhattan to Kennedy International Airport) that aren’t a nuisance to people on the ground below.

States Warn That Virus May Doom Climate Projects (jdargis)

Missing that deadline, which officials say is likely because of delays caused by the coronavirus, would mean forfeiting the remaining money, scuttling the projects. States and cities have been moving swiftly in the design phases and to secure permits since the Obama administration awarded the funds in 2016. Officials will ask Congress to extend the deadline for construction by three years, according to a copy of the letter obtained by The New York Times.

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