Daily Digest 6/1 – AI Learns Teamwork, How Clean Is “Freedom Gas”?


North Korea executes envoy to failed U.S. summit -media; White House monitoring (Sparky1)

The February summit in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, the second between Kim and Trump, failed to reach a deal because of conflicts over U.S. calls for complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and North Korean demands for sanctions relief.

Let’s Discuss Brexit (and How the EU Bragged, on Film, About Screwing the UK) (Adam)

The EU cannot hide its intent of trapping the the UK in a permanent customs union, with no say in policy.

Regardless of Brexit beliefs, everyone in the UK should be aware of these shocking details.

Financial Advisers, Future Predictions, and Three-Breasted Mars Women (thc0655)

The thing the past doesn’t predict well is tornados, hurricanes, floods, volcanos and pollen. I strongly support just calling them all torhurflovolpols just so I can see television broadcasters talking about the Torhurflovolpol index. “Well, Brian, there’s a 45% chance of something on the Torhurflovolpol index. So get out your floating waterproof asbestos crash armor with built in respirator.” I think they sell those at Eddie Bauer®.

Artificial intelligence learns teamwork in a deadly game of capture the flag (tmn)

In the new study, researchers got AI bots to teach each other to work as a team. Their classroom was a simplified version of 1999 first-person shooter, Quake III Arena. The game involves two teams that navigate around a 3D map to retrieve a flag from their opponent’s base and return it to theirs. The team with the most captures after 5 minutes wins. Players also fire a laser to tag enemies, sending them back to their home base.

Is This the Universal Basic Income That Americans Will Buy? (tmn)

The key is the Earned Income Tax Credit, a favorite poverty-fighting tool among progressive economists and, increasingly, Democratic presidential candidates. More than 25 million tax filers claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit in 2018, for an average refund of nearly $2,500. Expanding this wage credit to $10,000 would lift virtually all low-income households headed by a full-time worker out of poverty, according to a new report from the Urban Institute & Brookings Institution Tax Policy Center.

Oh that it should come to this (Jesper A.)

The shifts in history might use Nietzsche’s Tragedy argument to bootstrap what we imply by it. To Nietzsche the Greek mind acted inside a Appollonian or a Dionysian paradigm, and in Tragedy they are happily married, but as Aeschylus and Sophocles are surpassed the shift in the Tragedy in terms of its content was skewed (or squelched-out) by the Apollonian attitude ever more. I side with this view as with that of Stephen Toulmin, namely that rationalism spells danger.

How Clean Is “Freedom Gas”? (Michael S.)

But is LNG really clean? Exporting LNG is largely politically uncontroversial at the federal level, with both parties supporting it in Washington. In fact, the Obama administration helped inaugurate LNG exports, giving the greenlight to a series of export projects. The first LNG exports came from Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass facility along the Gulf Coast in 2016. Gas exports were framed as a net benefit for the climate because gas would knock off coal plants around the world, just as gas has done in the United States. The LNG industry lobby group makes that case explicitly.

Who keeps buying California’s scarce water? Saudi Arabia (newsbuoy)

With the Saudi Arabian landscape there being mostly desert and alfalfa being a water-intensive crop, growing it there has always been expensive and draining on scarce water resources, to the point that the Saudi government finally outlawed the practice in 2016. In the wake of the ban, Almarai decided to purchase land wherever it is cheap and has favorable water conditions to produce enough feed for its 93,000 cows.

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