Daily Digest 5/8 – Good News Friday: “Potato Rescue” in Idaho, CA Food Industry Workers Get Relief

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Australia: National Cabinet to consider path out of coronavirus restrictions when it meets today (tmn)

The ABC understands changes will likely be introduced four weeks at a time, though ultimately it will be up to the states and territories to determine the timing of when restrictions are lifted in their jurisdictions.

But National Cabinet is expected to agree to a framework that would outline how restrictions could be eased over coming months on the advice of medical experts.

Family designates sidewalk as Monty Python ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’ area to bring laughs during lockdown (Sparky1)

Koto has marked the area with entry and exit signs, that encourage people to do a silly walk as they pass through the area. “You have now entered the jurisdiction of The Ministry of Silly Walks,” the sign reads. Commence silly walking immediately.”

The sign goes on to state: “We’re all in this together so let’s have some fun while we can!”

Austin ISD Is Rolling Out 110 Buses Equipped With Wi-Fi For Neighborhoods With Limited Online Access (Jen H.)

In its step-by-step guide for getting access to the Wi-Fi locations, AISD says students must be within 300 feet of the buses. Because the routers on the buses have a reach of between 150-300 feet, more buses will be deployed at bigger apartment complexes.

“Ideally we want [students] to be able to stay inside,” Kevin Schwartz, chief technology officer for AISD, said. “For some people they may need to come toward the bus.”

New House panel created to track aid dollars, virus response (Jen H.)

“When it comes to $2 trillion, I don’t think there can be enough oversight,” McGovern said. “I think our constituents expect us to make sure that that money is being spent, where it should be spent, where Congress intended it.”

Pelosi said she modeled the panel on a committee led by then-Sen. Harry Truman to look at defense spending during World War II. She has already appointed South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, the No. 3 House Democrat, as its chairman.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signs executive order to give relief to food industry workers (Jen H.)

“I think about the people that grow our food, that pick our food, the people that pack our food, deliver our food, cook, serve and sell our food,” Newsom said. “That sector by definition is essential to our livelihoods … it has been hard hit by strife and by challenges in terms of health and safety … This is a serious issue and requires a serious response.”

Ocean State Job Lot launches ‘Mask Fabric For Free’ campaign (Jen H.)

“When I heard about this idea, I decided to stop and come in. You can make so many masks with this, it’s unbelievable,” said Stanley Wojciechowski. “I’m so happy about this.”

Anyone interested can stop by one of their store locations and pick up the free material to create your own mask free of charge.

Pawtucket boy receives birthday dream, community puts on custom car parade (Jen H.)

“I reached out on Facebook just to get a few custom cars to kind of do a little birthday drive-by,” said Daniel’s aunt, Vanessa Menard. “The response was incredible.”

Cars of all colors, years, and body types paraded past Breault’s family home on Memorial Drive.

To All My Past Neighbors (tmn)

Why have I been so ridiculous about my neighbors? Why didn’t I try harder to meet these people? Now I see videos of musicians playing for their neighbors in a building’s airshaft, or a pair of children performing a duet for their neighborhood on a front porch, or that community that is putting teddy bears in the windows for little kids to spot when they are out on a safe and socially-distanced walk, and all this neighborliness looks heavenly.

Mountain of spuds discarded by Idaho farmers saved in ‘potato rescue’ (jdargis)

Last week, photos like the one below, shared by Molly Page, a Hailey, Idaho, local, emerged on social media showing mountains of potatoes going to waste after being dumped by farmers. Page’s photo showed a mountain of discarded potatoes at Silver Creek Seed Farm in Picabo, Idaho, according to the Idaho Mountain Express newspaper, and it quickly went viral.

A Black Hole Is ‘Almost on Our Doorstep’ (tmn)

Astronomers have discovered a black hole in one of the constellations, the suitably named Telescopium. At just 1,000 light-years away, the black hole is closer to our solar system than any other that astronomers have found to date. A thousand light-years might sound distant to us, but in cosmic proportions, it’s very close.

“On the scale of the Milky Way, it’s in our backyard,” Thomas Rivinius, an astronomer at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile who led the new research, told me. “Almost on our doorstep.”

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