Daily Digest 5/29 – Good News Friday: NZ Discharges Last COVID Patient, More People Birdwatching During Lockdown

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New Zealand discharges its last coronavirus patient from the hospital (tmn)

The country has conducted a total of 267,435 coronavirus tests and contact tracers are working to monitor the remaining cases through the NZ COVID Tracer app.

New Zealand also launched another app on Wednesday, which will provide health care professionals with access to information on the updated case definition, on local clinical pathways, and on guidance around use of personal protective equipment.

‘Legendary’ 103-year-old woman celebrates beating coronavirus with a cold beer (tmn)

She woke up and proclaimed, “I’m not sick.” Annoyed at the crowd of people in her room, she told them to “get the hell out of here,” according to Dave.

All-electric Grand Caravan makes maiden flight (Adam)

Wichita-based Cessna, a division of Textron Aviation, delivers Grand Caravans equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprops generating 867shp (647kW). The aircraft can carry 10-14 people.

But the Grand Caravan that flew on 28 May received power not from a PT6A, but from Magnix’s Magni500, a 750hp all-electric propulsion system.

Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Unearthed Beneath Italian Vineyard (tmn)

The team discovered the tiles, as well as portions of the villa’s foundation, “a few meters” below the vineyard’s surface, according to the statement. To make the “archaeological treasure … hidden under our feet available and accessible,” the researchers will collaborate with authorities and the vineyard’s owners. The process will likely require both significant time and resources.

Don’t worry, I live with all these books: the socially distant joy of reading outside (tmn)

But while others were tapping up their favourite geographically convenient people to head to the park with, or plotting a bout of family-friendly sport (something that I genuinely cannot comprehend), I started to compile a specific to-read pile: the books I wanted to take outside, with a blanket and a bottle of water, and indulge in.

The Trillion Dollar Space Race Crosses Another Milestone (Michael S.)

The title for largest rocket ever made is still held by Saturn V, a 363-foot rocket with a thrust of 7.6 million pounds that successfully sent astronauts to the moon on the Apollo missions. It also holds the record for the largest payload ever sent into low earth orbit (LEO) at 260,000 pounds. The Falcon Heavy, which famously launched a Tesla Roadster into space in February 2018, has a maximum payload of 140,700 pounds. The major difference for the Falcon Heavy is that it is a reusable rocket and so its cost per launch is dramatically lower.

Scenes Of Isolation Amid Pandemic In The Vermont Countryside (tmn)

Foss regularly does volunteer work to help other seniors and members of the community, including grocery shopping and errands for people who can’t drive. She recently helped serve meals to more than 90 people at LISTEN Community Services, a non-profit in White River Junction that supports individuals and families in need.

Foss has lived in Vermont for 60 years and says that despite the easing of certain restrictions, her life won’t be any different until there’s a vaccine. “The disease is all around,” she says. “You can’t see it, hear it, smell it. So I’ll maintain lockdown.”

The Birds Are Not on Lockdown, and More People Are Watching Them (jdargis)

Bird-watching has surged in popularity this year. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, birders set a world record on May 9 for Global Big Day, an annual bird-spotting event. Participants using the lab’s eBird platform reported more than two million observations — the most bird sightings documented in a single day — and recorded 6,479 species.

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