Daily Digest 5/16 – ‘Crunch time’ at CalPERS, When Mother’s Day Means A Trip To Prison

Daily Digest 5/16 - 'Crunch time' at CalPERS, When Mother's Day Means A Trip To Prison
  • ‘Crunch time’ at CalPERS: Pension confidence drops among city managers
  • Milliman: Public pension funding falls back to 71.4% in 2018 Q1
  • Public debt hits new high of 2.302 tn (Italy)
  • Greenspan’s ‘world without federal debt’ idea was a pipe dream
  • As U.S. debt levels soar, euro zone bonds act as alternative
  • Argentine central bank intervention leads to rise in peso
  • Collapsing Venezuela oil exports seen to be pushing prices higher
  • Morgan Stanley: Central Banks Could Force Negative Interest Rates with Crypto
  • The 10 states where student debt is a big problem
  • When Mother’s Day Means a Trip to Prison
  • Without Help From Uncle
  • The Stairway To Heaven
  • How to Build an Area Study for Emergencies and Community Security

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