Daily Digest 4/7 – The Quest For A Pandemic Pill, Abuse Fears Increase As Families Isolate



A New Covid-19 Crisis: Domestic Abuse Rises Worldwide (Sparky1)

A photograph she took after the incident shows the high chair lying on the floor in pieces, two of its metal legs snapped off — evidence of the force with which her husband wielded it against her. Another image documents Lele’s injuries: Nearly every inch of her lower legs was covered in bruises, a huge hematoma blooming on her left calf.

9 large metro police departments reported ‘double-digit percentage jumps’ in domestic violence 911 calls as more people shelter at home. (Sparky1)

Boston, Massachusetts had a 22% increase and Seattle, Washington had 21% in domestic assault and battery reports in March compared to the same month last year. In Portland, Oregon domestic violence arrests jumped by 27% between March 12 and 23 of this year compared to the same time in 2019, according to CNN.

Additionally, some shelters are already full after implementing social distancing measures.

Connecticut: Hartford police form new team to focus on domestic violence calls during coronavirus crisis (Sparky1)

Domestic violence includes intimate partner violence and violence among people who live together. Police and those who advocate for domestic violence victims have been concerned that people who are cooped up with family members for weeks on end, especially in toxic environments, are more likely to be victimized.

For victims of domestic abuse, coronavirus stay-at-home order may make life riskier, not safer (Sparky1)

In normal times, studies have shown a correlation between financial stress and rates of domestic violence in the home. Nearly 1 in 5 women and about 1 in 7 men experience violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

UN calls for response to increasing domestic violence amid Covid-19 lockdown (Sparky1)

Since the pandemic, Lebanon and Malaysia, have seen the number of calls to helplines double, compared with the same month last year, in China they have tripled and in Australia, search engines such as Google are seeing the highest magnitude of searches for domestic violence help in the past five years, according to the UN.

Child abuse fears increase as families isolate during coronavirus pandemic (Sparky1)

Medical professionals are concerned as well. While it’s not clear that the two deaths of preschool-age children March 21 at the Cook Children’s Pediatric Medical Center in Fort Worth are directly related to coronavirus stressors, doctors there say they want the community to be on alert to possible cases of child abuse. The hospital treated five other children the same week with suspected abuse injuries serious enough to be admitted to the hospital, said Dr. Jayme Coffman, medical director of the hospital’s Center for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Parents have a right to be stressed. But don’t take it out on your kids (Sparky1)

Children who are being abused or neglected are more likely to go unnoticed without teachers and others to help them.

Calls to US helpline jump 891%, as White House is warned of mental health crisis (Sparky1)

“I am very concerned,” said one U.S. official.

Though the Trump administration has recently approved hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding to boost mental health services, the official suggested even that additional money may not be enough to support the crisis counseling that will be needed.

How Does the Coronavirus Behave Inside a Patient? (jdargis)

In the centuries since Lady Montagu marvelled at the efficacy of inoculation, we’ve made unimaginable discoveries in the biology and epidemiology of infectious disease, and yet the covid-19 pandemic poses no shortage of puzzles. Why did it spread like wildfire in Italy, thousands of miles from its initial epicenter, in Wuhan, while India appears so far to have largely been spared? What animal species transmitted the original infection to humans?

The Quest for a Pandemic Pill (jdargis)

Ho was just setting up his lab at its new home, at Columbia University. He is friendly with Jack Ma, the founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, who asked how he could help. In February, Columbia announced that Ma’s foundation had awarded a $2.1-million grant to Ho and several Columbia colleagues to develop antiviral drugs. This project was prompted by the covid-19 crisis, but the mission goes beyond it; the researchers are thinking not only about the current pandemic but about future ones as well.

Covid 19 antibodies breakthrough made in San Francisco (Matt T.)

Scientists around the world have been racing to develop treatments, cures and a vaccine for COVID-19 – and are getting closer by the day.

35 million Americans could lose health insurance amid mass layoffs (Sparky1)

The economic fallout from the coronavirus caused more than 10 million people to file for unemployment benefits in March. That unprecedented surge will likely lead many people to lose their health insurance, given that around half of American workers are covered by their employers.

How tech connects older people with mental health services as COVID-19 isolates (Sparky1)

One of the drawbacks to a telehealth platform is there isn’t the ability for human interaction in the way that you could in a counseling session. There’s something to be said for just being in the presence of another person. There’s definitely something different about it. It feels a little more distant, a little more cold. When we’re able to provide those in-person counseling sessions, many times, now, a part of that session includes being able to chat with family members. It’s wonderful that we have technology to introduce into those counseling sessions, because many of the people in our nursing facilities who are receiving care don’t have smart technology.

Half Of Americans Suffering Mental Health Issues During Coronavirus, New Poll Shows (Sparky1)

“As an Asian woman, I have been more vigilant about going out in public because I know anti-Asian sentiment and racism are real,” says Korn, “so I worry more now about my physical safety.

The Naval War College Ran a Pandemic War Game in 2019. The Conclusions Were Eerie (Alan B.)

Called Urban Outbreak 2019, the war game involved 50 experts who spent two days coordinating response, containment and messaging efforts around the notional pandemic. Some of the conclusions, such as the way forced mass quarantine can backfire and trigger additional disease spread, and how the mortality rate is better than the overall number of disease cases in assessing the scale of an outbreak — have been proved out through the response to the novel coronavirus.

Korea: Physicians work out treatment guidelines for coronavirus (Kevin)

If more than 10 days have passed since the onset of the illness and the symptoms are mild, physicians do not have to start an antiviral medication, the task force said.

However, if patients are old or have underlying conditions with serious symptoms, physicians should consider an antiviral treatment. If they decide to use the antiviral therapy, they should start the administration as soon as possible, the task force noted.

Surrendered Without A Shot, by Robert Gore (thc0655)

Later, if you predicted that the New Deal wouldn’t reverse the economic contraction that the government had already transformed from a garden variety financial crash and recession into a Great Depression, you were right again. More points for those who foresaw both the abandonment of any effective Constitutional constraints on the federal government, and the fiscal consequence of welfare state collectivism—a spiraling and uncontrollable national debt.

Chinese Regime Hoards Global Inventory of Medical Provides, Leading to Growing Shortage Outside China (CarlGConklin)

Chinese corporations and abroad Chinese organizations are the principle means to understand Beijing’s world sourcing, shopping for up inventory from america, Europe, Australia, and different nations.

In some situations, Chinese firms negotiated with main worldwide producers and requested them to promote or donate their shares to China.

Idaho: Officials’ comments threaten others’ health (MSF)

Because you believe that the stay-at-home order is unlawful (which it is not, under state of emergency), and more importantly, have used your public office to encourage others to violate the order, you have put law-abiding citizens, and health care workers at increased risk of infection, hospitalization and death.

Colleges suffering huge financial blows from pandemic (Sparky1)

Yet college leaders say that’s only the start of their troubles: Even if campuses reopen this fall, many worry large numbers of students won’t return. There’s widespread fear that an economic downturn will leave many Americans unable to afford tuition, and universities are forecasting steep drop-offs among international students who may think twice about studying abroad so soon after a pandemic.

The World’s Biggest Oil Deal Can’t Save Crude Prices (Michael S.)

On the bullish side of the ledger is the fact that an emergency meeting of the G20 oil ministers has been called, signaling potential participation in global production cuts beyond just OPEC+ countries. “It is coming to a level where it will have significant implications for the stability of the global economy and millions of workers employed in the oil and gas industry,” Fatih Birol, the executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) told the FT. “The main task [of the G20] is to provide and maintain the financial and economic stability of global markets so it is perfectly in-line with their remit.”

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