Daily Digest 4/24 – Health Insurance Costs Could Cause TX Teachers To Leave, Irish Pension Liabilities Grow

Dailygy Digest 4/24 - Health Insurance Costs Could
  • Health Insurance Costs Could Drive Texas Teachers To Leave
  • Irish pension liabilities hit 167% of GDP
  • Teacher Pension Crisis Overwhelms California And Kentucky
  • Halliburton Writes Off Remaining $312 Million Invested in Venezuela
  • The Next Threat Stalking American Farmers Is the End of Cheap Money
  • Near-Junk Illinois to Sell More Bonds—Will Investors Buy In?
  • Illinois’ past-due debts come with a steep price: $1.14 billion in late fees
  • ECB’s government debt pile shrinks for first time as debt matures
  • Emerging-Market Investors Have Some Memory Issues
  • Trade war with US could be the tipping point for China’s $14 trillion debt-ridden economy

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