Daily Digest 3/28 – Governors Tell Outsiders To Stay Away, Virus Makes Water Shortages Everyone’s Problem


Governors Tell Outsiders From ‘Hot Zone’ to Stay Away as Virus Divides States (Sparky1)

Florida has a message for New Yorkers: Please don’t visit. And if you do, prepare to sit in quarantine or risk jail. Hawaii, which also thrives on tourism, is asking visitors to stay away for a month. And Alaska is requiring a 14-day quarantine for anyone entering from, as Alaskans put it, Outside.

Coronavirus: Why we do what we’re told when our society is shut down (Downunder Bound)

“The history of public health messaging is largely one of serial frustration,” University of Otago behavioural economist Nathan Berg said, “Every serious attempt to do before-after comparisons, it’s almost always an underwhelming, disappointing result.”

“Public health economists and scholars are well aware that it’s supremely challenging to say, ‘Hey, we experts think you ought to change your behaviour’ and expect anybody to do anything.”

Virtual rendering of coronavirus patient’s lungs shows extensive damage the virus can cause (Rob B.)

“So we can see it front to back, side to side…” said Dr. Keith Mortman,chief of thoracic surgery. “This patient is a gentleman in his late 50s, who initially had a fever and a non-productive cough like many other people. Respiratory symptoms progressed quite rapidly, to the point where he did need to be intubated and put on the ventilator.”

On coronavirus, the Trudeau government is anti-science (Cornelius C.)

Provincial and federal governments have stubbornly refused to either understand the basic math or communicate this to Canadians. An epidemic’s initial stages often follow an exponential growth pattern, which starts with a handful of cases, and then rapidly and radically escalates into thousands.

U.S. home healthcare industry warns of possible ‘collapse’ (Sparky1)

And in New York, America’s epicenter of coronavirus cases, trade groups said dozens of caregivers have left their jobs and their patients, hurting efforts to swiftly screen at-risk adults and slow the spread of the virus.

“It’s a hair-on-fire crisis,” said Roger Noyes, spokesman for New York’s Home Care Association.

How Soon Is Now? (thc0655)

I remember my first deployment to Iraq and the culture shock I experienced on my first trip outside the wire. I had never been outside the relative comfort of western civilization, and seeing people sell gasoline from plastic jugs on the side of the road, open-air markets selling goats, chickens, and fish from ice-filled tires, people’s homes with little to nothing aside from a few blankets and a Koran…it was a level of poverty that I could not fathom.

Easter is coming, but will there be eggs? (Sparky1)

John Brunnquell, president and CEO of Egg Innovations, an integrated pastured egg company in Wisconsin, said he believes there will be enough eggs for Easter because the supply that would normally have been delivered to food-service customers (restaurants, hotels, schools, and cruise lines) will be repackaged from flats to cartons and redirected to the retail market. But sticker shock might give shoppers pause. Last week the price of eggs shot up 90 cents a dozen, and that will be reflected at retail by this weekend.

Coronavirus Bill Lets Struggling Americans Tap Retirement Money (Sparky1)

The legislation requires that the money be a “coronavirus-related distribution,” but the rules are loose. People diagnosed with the virus are eligible, along with anyone who “experiences adverse financial consequences” as a result of the pandemic, including an inability to find work or child care. Retirement plan sponsors are told to rely on employees’ word that they’re eligible.

A Heart Attack? No, It Was the Coronavirus (Sparky1)

What should doctors do these days when they see patients with apparent heart attacks? Should they first rule out coronavirus infection — or is that a waste of valuable time for the majority of patients who are actually having heart attacks?

More Than 500 NYPD Members Test Positive For COVID-19; 4,000 Call Out Sick (Sparky1)

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea posted a video on Twitter confirming city custodial assistant Dennis Dickson, who served with the NYPD since 2006, died from complications related to the coronavirus at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.

Video: Simulating An Epidemic (Valentin)

Experiments with toy SIR models

Coronavirus mutates into 40 strains. How this changes the pandemic outlook: Experts (Glennr19)

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the world, scientists are scrambling to discover as much information as they can that could help to slow the spread of the deadly pathogen. Now, with evidence that the coronavirus mutates, they are hoping that they can learn more through studying the virus’ genes – perhaps eventually helping to find a future treatment.

China reports deeply disturbing coronavirus development (Michael)

Research showed that between three to 14 per cent of patients were diagnosed with the coronavirus, after already being given the all-clear.

At one hospital in Wuhan, doctors found that five of the 147 patients in a study tested positive again after recovery, Wang Wei, director of the city’s Tongji Hospital, told the state broadcaster CCTV yesterday.

Coronavirus measures could cause global food shortage, UN warns (Sparky1)

“The worst that can happen is that governments restrict the flow of food,” he said. “All measures against free trade will be counterproductive. Now is not the time for restrictions or putting in place trade barriers. Now is the time to protect the flow of food around the world.”

Governments must resist calls from some quarters to protect their own food supply by restricting exports, he said, as some have begun to do.

New study says ‘high temperature and high relative humidity significantly reduce’ spread of COVID-19 (Rob B.)

That step was one of several sound methods taken by authors Jingyuan Wang, Kai Feng, Weifeng Lv of Beihang University, and Ke Tang from Tsinghua University, according to Ferrell. He also commended the authors’ accounting for GDP per capita, which normalized the differences in health care facilities, and the normalizations for population density.

Virus makes water shortages everyone’s problem (Sparky1)

Big companies have spoken out about water risk too – helped by initiatives like United Nations’ World Water Day, which happened on Sunday. Two coalitions have sprung up in the past week, one corralling companies, the other investors and banks. As welcome as these are, their ranks contain the usual suspects, like Anheuser-Busch InBev, Gap and New York, Californian and Swedish state pension plans.

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