Daily Digest 3/15 – Europe Is Canceled, How Long Will The Oil Price War Actually Last?


Europe Is Canceled (tmn)

Meanwhile, once-open borders within the E.U. are being sealed back up. Austria is barring entry from Italy, to which Switzerland has also closed nine border crossings, while the Czech Republic has effectively closed its border for 30 days, allowing in only Czech citizens and allowing out only people who live within 50 kilometers of the border who can prove they commute to jobs abroad.

Japan’s power demand hit by coronavirus outbreak: industry head (Sparky1)

“We are closely watching development of the pandemic as further reduction in corporate and economic activities would lead to serious impacts,” Satoru Katsuno, the chairman of Japan’s federation of electric utilities and president of Chubu Electric Power Co Inc (9502.T), told a news conference.

The 4 Key Reasons the U.S. Is So Behind on Coronavirus Testing (tmn)

Testing is essential for identifying people who have been infected and for understanding the true scope of the outbreak. But when the initial test from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was rolled out to state public-health laboratories in early February, one of its components was discovered to be faulty. Since then, academic, clinical, and other laboratories have struggled to get or make new tests and diagnose patients.

Video: Exponential growth and epidemics (Paul B.)

Some have (quite rightfully) commented on how you shouldn’t look at the R^2 of linear regressions on cumulative data since even if the changes from one day to the next are completely random, the totals they add up to wouldn’t be independent of each other. Since the derivative of an exponential should also be an exponential, we could instead run the same test on the logarithms of the differences from day to day, which in this case gives R^2 = 0.91.

House passes coronavirus economic relief package with Trump’s support (tmn)

The 363-40 vote — gaveled down just before 1 a.m. — capped two days of volatile negotiations between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that threatened to fall apart entirely for hours Friday amid GOP misgivings. But even after President Trump criticized House Democrats at an afternoon news conference Pelosi and Mnuchin kept at it, speaking by phone 13 times in the course of the day Friday and finally clinching a deal.

The Government Has Been Secretly Stockpiling For A Pandemic (thc0655)

It definitely appears that this stockpile is for those wealthy elitists who control and manipulate the economy through the government. That’s why it’s a secret and that’s why you can only depend on yourself when it comes to preparedness.

Do You Solemnly Swear? (GE Christenson)

The age of the universe, expressed in seconds, is a tiny number compared to the probability AGAINST an honest and impartial vote in the senate by 100, or even 90, senators voting the same as their badge color.

How Long Will The Oil Price War Actually Last? (Michael S.)

There is much discussion in the market now as to what effect this will have on shale drillers who seemed to have been dancing a credit, and wells productivity tight-rope the last couple of years. This in a relatively benign market that saw prices in the $55.00-60/bbl, where most agreed they could thrive. Most had seen share prices decline since the heady days of 2017, so surviving on cheap credit to drill new wells is probably a more apt term than thrive. What holds for them now that oil is $25-30 a barrel less in the space of a couple of months?

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