Daily Digest 3/10 – Calm Returns To Markets After Share Turmoil, The U.S. Isn’t Ready For Coronavirus


Calm returns to markets after share turmoil (TS)

On Monday, the major US stock indexes fell so sharply at the start of trading that the buying and selling of shares was halted for 15 minutes, as a so-called “circuit breaker” aimed at curbing panicky selling came into effect.

However, in early trade on Tuesday the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 2.7%.

Wealth Wipeout Reshapes Ranks of World’s Richest People (tmn)

Wildcatter Harold Hamm’s fortune plunged by almost half to $2.4 billion by the end of the day, a drop that bumped him from the 500-member Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Fellow oil magnate Jeff Hildebrand also fell off the ranking while Lukoil PJSC executives Leonid Fedun and Vagit Alekperov lost a combined $5 billion.

Ghani Takes the Oath of Afghan President. His Rival Does, Too. (TS)

Mr. Ghani’s inauguration was briefly interrupted, with some in the audience running for cover. But the president refused to leave the stage and urged calm.

“I am not wearing an armored vest,” Mr. Ghani said, opening his jacket. “We have seen big attacks. A couple explosions shouldn’t scare us.”

The U.S. Isn’t Ready for What’s About to Happen (tmn)

Advice like mine is meant to be empowering, but now I fear it may also be misleading. If Americans conclude that life will continue mostly as normal, they may be wrong. The United States is far less prepared than other democratic nations experiencing outbreaks of the novel coronavirus. Low case counts so far may reflect not an absence of the pathogen but a woeful lack of testing.

Coronavirus: nine reasons to be reassured (jdargis)

People are recovering from it. As the daily count maintained by the Johns Hopkins CSSE shows, thousands of people around the world are making confirmed recoveries from the coronavirus every day.

Coronavirus Update: How my family is preparing (Phil D.)

Supply chain disruptions. The global just-in-time delivery systems are a logistical miracle. Globalization, such a boon, right? Plastic shit is shipped in all day on container ships from China, while little green pieces of paper (or mere digits on a screen) are exported out. It’s great, except if it breaks. There is no back-up plan. Community resilience is gone in America.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Information: CDC
(Tammie R.)

The 28-minute video details everything from signs and symptoms and who is at risk to how to call a physician office or the hospital for treatment of the emerging health threat.

How to watch Mini-Tuesday like a pro (tmn)

Michigan, with 125 delegates at stake, is the biggest prize among the 6 states voting. It was the site of Sanders’ miraculous upset win over Hillary Clinton in 2016, but the outlook seems grim for his campaign this time around: A handful of new polls released in the last two days suggest Joe Biden leads by double-digits.

Sanders Is Counting on His Own Firewall: Michigan’s Blue-Collar Voters (jdargis)

At a Sanders rally here on Sunday, the couple skewed older than most others by about a generation, though they shared the disdain of the Sanders youth brigade for moderate Democrats like Joseph R. Biden Jr. “Growing up during Nam, you look around and just want a choice for a change,” Mr. Burdick said. “You know what — we were right back then and we’re right now.”

Carbon emissions fall as electricity producers move away from coal (TS)

The report from climate thinktank Ember, formerly Sandbag, warned that the dent in the world’s coal-fired electricity generation relied on many one-off factors, including milder winters across many countries.

“Progress is being made on reducing coal generation, but nothing like with the urgency needed to limit climate change,” the report said.

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