Daily Digest 12/26 – How Retirement Legislation Could Fall Short, Why Aren’t Brazilians Protesting?



Global stock markets gained $17 trillion in value in 2019 (Thomas R.)

In Europe, the resounding victory for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives is expected to give him the power to negotiate the country’s exit from the European Union.

The large climb for world markets has been largely dominated by the U.S. markets, however. The rally in the U.S. has been broad, with the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Russell 2000 all rising more than 20% this year.

Lynette Zang: Get Ready For Central Bank Bail-Ins And A Bitter Taste of Economic Reality (video) (pinecarr)

Lynette Zang is back to share her latest news and updates on the latest developments within the global economy and geo-political landscape. With 2019 being an incredible year for Gold we gain fresh insights on what lies ahead in 2020, the stock market is also rallying more than ever but could this never-ending rally give way to long term damage in the future?

Nicaragua Has a Simple Message for Protesters: Don’t (jdargis)

In the face of unrest, the government has used uncompromising measures to silence public dissent. And despite a collapsing economy, American sanctions and mass emigration, President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, still hold power firmly.

Why Aren’t Brazilians Protesting? (jdargis)

In Colombia, students, workers and indigenous people have been demonstrating since late November against rumored pension cutbacks and changes to labor laws. Protesters accused the center-right president, Iván Duque, of failing to address issues like corruption, economic inequality and the murder of human rights activists.

Awakening to a Mass-Supervision Crisis (tmn)

The enormous and well-documented scale of mass incarceration in the United States has recently influenced criminal-justice reformers on both the left and the right to pursue a correction. The U.S. is home to about 4 percent of the world’s population but nearly 20 percent of its prisoners. After peaking in 2009, the prison population fell to about 1.5 million by 2016, in part through new state laws allowing people to be released earlier than planned. This has coincided with a decline in people on probation—who are supervised in their communities instead of incarcerated—also partly because of state reforms.

Here’s how the new retirement legislation could fall short (Thomas R.)

“Secure has been characterized by some as a sweeping overhaul of the system. That’s an overstatement,” said Mark Iwry, former deputy assistant secretary for retirement and health policy at the U.S. Treasury Department during the Obama administration.

‘Bull’s-eye’ landing caps Boeing’s faulty astronaut capsule test mission (Thomas R.)

“Today it couldn’t really have gone any better,” Boeing space chief executive Jim Chilton told reporters on Sunday, adding that experts would need weeks to analyze the data from this mission before determining if Boeing could move forward with its plan to send a crewed mission on the craft in 2020.

Pentagon tells military personnel not to use at-home DNA kits (Thomas R.)

“Moreover, there is increased concern in the scientific community that outside parties are exploiting the use of genetic materials for questionable purposes, including mass surveillance and the ability to track individuals without their authorization or awareness,” the memo said.

Men Of The West: Decline And Fall Of The United States (Thomas R.)

Money is the destroyer of nations. That is certain. Over time, the desire to be rich replaces the individual desire for fame or conquest or achievement. Rather than going to school for learning or virtue, men go to school to learn how to get rich. And yes, it will disappoint those who believe history has ended, to know that Arab moralists complained about this exact problem way back in 1090. What is the American dream, my friends? Is it climbing Everest? Or is it being able to buy stuff?

I’ll Let Myself In: Tactics of Physical Pen Testers (video) (Afridev)

Many organizations are accustomed to being scared at the results of their network scans and digital penetration tests, but seldom do these tests yield outright “surprise” across an entire enterprise. Some servers are unpatched, some software is vulnerable, and networks are often not properly segmented. No huge shocks there. As head of a Physical Penetration team, however, my deliverable day tends to be quite different. With faces agog, executives routinely watch me describe (or show video) of their doors and cabinets popping open in seconds. This presentation will highlight some of the most exciting and shocking methods by which my team and I routinely let ourselves in on physical jobs.

More US voters than ever care about climate – but will they go to the polls? (tmn)

“There are almost 30 million climate voters out there who are already registered to vote. That’s a huge constituency,” said Nathaniel Stinnett, the founder of the project, which aims to identify inactive environmentalists and turn them into consistent activists and voters.

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