Daily Digest 11/8 – Good News Friday: Americans Saving More Money For A Rainy Day, Hard-Won Wins For Workers

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Oklahoma parole board OKs largest-ever US mass commutation (sv)

“This event is another mark on our historic timeline as we move the needle in criminal justice reform, and my administration remains committed to working with Oklahomans to pursue bold change that will offer our fellow citizens a second chance while also keeping our communities and streets safe,” Stitt said in a statement.

Americans saving more money for a rainy day (Thomas R.)

Savings rate jumps to 6-month high.

NFL player Carl Nassib makes millions but sticks to a $3,500 budget for rent, food and bills (Thomas R.)

“This year I’ve been more on top of my budget than ever,” he says. That’s partly because he hasn’t switched teams and had to move to a different city, which is common in the NFL: “My expenses are at an all time low because you don’t realize how much moving costs. Everything adds up.”

Chicago teachers, students return to class Friday as 15-day strike ends (sv)

CTU reached an agreement with the city Thursday ending the longest walkout since 1987. The contract itself is the first of its kind with an agreement to establish enforceable class size limits, puts nurses and social workers in every school.

GM Strike Ends After Almost 6 Weeks and $2 Billion in Costs (sv)

GM and the UAW reached the agreement last week, awarding workers pay raises, $11,000 ratification bonuses, and a route for temporary employees to reach full-time status. The contract also preserves the automaker’s generous health-care plan.

What the mass resignations at Deadspin tell us about work in America (tmn)

It’s hard to overstate how much leverage workers have right now. For the first time in decades, workers in many industries have a lot of collective power compared to the average CEO, and the Deadspin exodus is just one example of that shifting dynamic.

‘On The Backs Of Tortoises’ Challenges Us To Consider How Much Of Life Is Intertwined (Thomas R.)

Using tortoises as a marker, Hennessy traces the various ways the islands — and nature itself — has been framed, both by opportunists and by conservationists. By turns, tortoises are food or natural treasure; they must be carefully sheltered or made celebrities for their own good.

How Deep Sleep May Help The Brain Clear Alzheimer’s Toxins (Thomas R.)

The finding could help explain a puzzling link between sleep and Alzheimer’s, says Laura Lewis, an author of the study and an assistant professor in the department of biomedical engineering at Boston University.

A teenager won a $25,000 award for inventing a solution to eliminate blind spots for cars (Thomas R.)

The A-pillar design in a car supports the windshield and provides protection in case of a crash. However, their size and angle also create blind spots, the area of the road not visible to drivers from their usual sitting position or rear-view and side mirrors.

“There are so many car accidents and injuries and deaths that could’ve been prevented from a pillar not being there,” Gassler said in her Society for Science video. “And since we can’t take it off cars, I decided to get rid of it without getting rid of it.”

NASA astronaut Christina Koch thanks Raleigh city leaders from outer space (Thomas R.)

Normally the person shows up in person for the reading of their proclamation at a City Council meeting.

That wasn’t going to work for Christina Koch on Wednesday afternoon. The NASA flight engineer was more than 100 miles away, floating in space.

Voyager 2 latest: Voyager 2 reaches interstellar space and makes incredible discovery (Thomas R.)

Some 12 billion miles from Earth, a frontier marks the edge of the Sun’s realm and the start of interstellar space. When NASA’s Voyager 2 space probe crossed this boundary more than 40 years after its launch it beamed-back a weak signal from deep space scientists have now decoded.

The Renewable Solution To One Of The World’s Dirtiest Industries (Michael S.)

Louis-Noël Viviès, managing director of the Energy Observer project, told the Seatrade Maritime News that while the catamaran is certainly a far cry from the massive scale of a standard shipping vessel, the technology can be scaled up. In fact, the article reports that “the group operating the vessel have already entered into a partnership with French container line CMA CGM to develop a system for emissions free auxiliary power for its boxships.”

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