Daily Digest 11/5 – UK fusion experiment used in hunt for clean energy, MIT Team’s Cough Detector Identifies 97% of COVID-19 Cases


Bond Traders Ditch Bets on Heavy Stimulus in Tight U.S. Election (r-baker)

Bond traders have shredded bets for aggressive fiscal stimulus, sending Treasury yields sharply lower as counting for key states progresses in a tight U.S. election, just ahead of a Federal Reserve policy decision.

The likelihood of a divided government has delivered a blow to calls for a surge in yields on the expectation of a large relief package. Even the U.S.’s announcement on Wednesday of record quarterly debt sales couldn’t damp the biggest one-day rally in months, with a slight tilt toward shorter-dated issuance helping to flatten the yield curve.

MIT Team’s Cough Detector Identifies 97% of COVID-19 Cases Even in Asymptomatic People (Adam)

Part of the challenge in controlling the coronavirus pandemic is in identifying and isolating infected people quickly – not particularly easy when COVID-19 symptoms aren’t always noticeable, especially early on. Now scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence model that can detect the virus from a simple forced cough.

Denmark Covid-19 Virus Mutation Leads to New Restrictions

A new Covid-19 mutation that started in Denmark’s mink population has spread beyond the region in which it was first discovered to the eastern part of the country.

Health officials made the announcement as a lockdown was imposed on much of Denmark’s western peninsula of Jutland, home to most of the country’s mink production.

Richest Americans Win With a Divided U.S. Government

Wealthy Americans watching election results are breathing a sigh of relief, for now.

Advisers to the rich had been planning a variety of end-of-the-year strategies to protect their clients from big tax hikes in case former Vice President Joe Biden was elected president alongside wide Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress — a “blue wave” that doesn’t seem to be materializing.

While Biden appears to be leading in the states he would need to take the White House, many are expecting the Senate to remain in Republican hands.


UK fusion experiment used in hunt for clean energy (jw)

A pioneering nuclear fusion experiment based in Oxfordshire has been switched on for the first time.

Mast Upgrade could clear some of the hurdles to delivering clean, limitless energy for the grid.

Fusion differs from fission, the technology used by existing nuclear power plants, because it could release vast amounts of energy with little associated radioactivity.


Study: How We Look At Our Climate Records Needs To Change

An international team including a Texas A&M researcher concluded that to predict future climate trends, more attention is needed regarding historical records from millions of years ago.  Yige Zhang, assistant professor in the Department of Oceanography, and fellow researchers have had their work published in the current issue of Science magazine.

The team found that past climate information – called paleoclimate – is not included in current studies and should be used to ensure accurate future climate predictions.

Ecologically Friendly Agriculture Doesn’t Compromise Crop Yields

Increasing diversity in crop production benefits biodiversity without compromising crop yields, according to an international study comparing 42,000 examples of diversified and simplified agricultural practices.

Diversification includes practices such as growing multiple crops in rotation, planting flower strips, reducing tillage, adding organic amendments that enrich soil life, and establishing or restoring species-rich habitat in the landscape surrounding the crop field.

October Was the Hottest on Record for Europe (jw)

Last month was the warmest October for Europe on record, with Arctic sea ice retreating as northern regions in particular felt the effects of rising air temperatures.

Europe was 1.6 degrees Celsius (2.9 degrees Fahrenheit) above its 30-year historical average, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service. Global temperatures 0.62 degrees Celsius higher than average made last month the world’s third-warmest October on record, extending a multi-year warming trend.

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