Daily Digest 11/2 – The 1% Grabbed 82% Of New Wealth In 2017, Toxic Smog Descends On Delhi During Diwali


The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017 (Adam)

The report also highlights the detrimental effects of gender inequality with data that show more men own land, shares and other capital assets than women.

Rising inequality has been a major topic at Davos for years.

Life expectancy for American men drops for a third year (Sparky1)

The average lifespan of men in the U.S. dipped to 76.1 years in 2017 (the latest data available), amounting to a four-month decline in life expectancy since 2014. The findings shed additional light on economic research into the sharp increase in recent years in deaths from overdoses and suicides among white men with less education.

Capital One customers couldn’t withdraw money for hours during system outage (Sparky1)

One Twitter user also complained about not being able to buy a ticket for a business trip and getting penalized by a company that couldn’t process a payment linked to the person’s Capital One account. Another person worried about what impact the outage would have on clearing written checks that could presumably bounce.

The Fed’s Liquidity Response Is Too Little Too Late – But That Was Always The Plan (thc0655)

When it’s all over, they want people dazed and shell-shocked, wondering how it happened and searching for anyone to point a finger at. The narrative will be that “it was a perfect storm of coincidences”, that it was “the evil of the political left”, or the “evil of the political right”. They want to turn public confusion into civil war, all while they sit back and enjoy the chaos from a comfortable beach chair and wait for the moment they can swoop in and act like saviors seeking to “end the madness”.

How Teenagers Are Using their Quinceañeras to Boost the Latinx Vote in Texas (tmn)

Since launching in May of 2019, the organization has teamed up with 30 quinces, including Alvarez’s. By reaching out to local choreographers, event planners, and dress shops in the Houston, Austin, and Dallas areas, they’ve become increasingly connected with interested young Latinx families gearing up to celebrate quinces. Jolt staff sets up a table at each event where they answer questions, register guests, and sign them up to receive reminders on when to vote.

Is California Becoming Premodern? (thc0655)

Californians know that having tens of thousands of homeless in their major cities is untenable. In some places, municipal sidewalks have become open sewers of garbage, used needles, rodents and infectious diseases. Yet no one dares question progressive orthodoxy by enforcing drug and vagrancy laws, moving the homeless out of cities to suburban or rural facilities, or increasing the number of mental hospitals.

The California haters are back. And once again, they get us all wrong (tmn)

First of all, we may be morons, but we have discovered that it’s possible to drink beverages without plastic straws. Second, I don’t know of anyone, liberal or conservative, who is not bothered by homelessness and the condition of our streets. And the rest of the country should be, too, since a lot of the people sleeping on our streets tell me they’ve come here from somewhere else, like the Midwest, the East and the South.

Oh that it should come to this Part 14 – Earth War (Jesper A.)

The citique or critical comment of ‘culture’, can we do such a thing? (see also afterword) How do we create stories? These threads of life which in all honesty we cannot know let alone tell of, or very well write of — the solution here is to accept life is transcient but also that men, having invented scripture and scribe, are intent on using it aimlessly as a tool. The tools of the mind are extensions which seen from a certain point of view help us to undo our own culture.

Waymo finally let a reporter ride in a fully driverless car (jdargis)

Niedermeyer reports that the trip involved an unprotected left-hand turn, “busy city streets,” and speeds as high as 45 miles per hour. Niedermeyer says that his 10-minute ride from a park to a coffee shop was uneventful—which makes sense given how carefully Waymo must have prepared for it.

Biosludge spread on food crops will soon contain dead human tissue as Washington legalizes “human composting” (thc0655)

Many other supporters of the bill claim that legalizing human composting will be great for the environment, as it’s supposedly “as close to the natural process of decomposition [as] you’d assume a body would undergo before we had an industrialized society.”

5 million masks distributed as ‘toxic’ smog descends on Delhi during Diwali (Sparky1)

For the second year running, the Supreme Court imposed severe restrictions on the use of firecrackers during the five-day celebrations of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, to combat the high levels of air pollution. The city has been “shrouded” in the toxic smog for four days in a row, according to reports in the local press.

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