Daily Digest 11/16 – NASA Wants To Build A Nuclear Plant On The Moon, Prepare for Winter


Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine found to be nearly 95 percent effective in a preliminary analysis (jw)

Biotechnology firm Moderna announced Monday that a preliminary analysis shows its experimental coronavirus vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective at preventing illness, including severe cases — a striking initial result that leaves the United States with the prospect that two coronavirus vaccines could be available on a limited basis by the end of the year.

Prepare for Winter (Xango)

Realism must precede optimism or the optimism will collapse as the tsunami of reality comes ashore.

It’s time to prepare materially and psychologically for a winter unlike any other in our lifetimes.

Dow Average Reaches Record on Vaccine; Oil Jumps: Markets Wrap

U.S. stocks gained after positive news on a Covid-19 vaccine, sending shares tied to an economic reopening higher while stay-at-home tech companies lagged behind. Oil jumped.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average touched an intraday record after Moderna Inc.’s vaccine was shown to be 94.5% effective in a preliminary analysis of a large late-stage clinical trial. Shares of the drugmaker surged as much as 15%. Lockdown favorite Zoom Video Communications Inc. slumped along with some of the biggest tech names, weighing on the Nasdaq 100, while Delta Air Lines Inc. and Carnival Corp. gained as investors looked toward reopening.

US doctors are calling it quits under stress of the pandemic (adam)

Two years ago, Dr. Kelly McGregory opened her own pediatric practice just outside Minneapolis, where she could spend as much time as she wanted with patients and parents could get all of their questions answered.

But just as her practice was beginning to thrive, the coronavirus hit the United States and began spreading across the country. “As an independent practice with no real connection to a big health system, it was awful,” McGregory said.

‘Breakthrough finding’ reveals why certain Covid-19 patients die (adam)

Dr. Megan Ranney has learned a lot about Covid-19 since she began treating patients with the disease in the emergency department in February.  But there’s one question she still can’t answer: What makes some patients so much sicker than others?

Advancing age and underlying medical problems explain only part of the phenomenon, said Ranney, who has seen patients of similar age, background and health status follow wildly different trajectories.

It’s Time to Hunker Down

The end may be near for the pestilence that has haunted the world this year. Good news is arriving on almost every front: treatments, vaccines, and our understanding of this coronavirus.

Pfizer and BioNTech have announced a stunning success rate in their early Phase 3 vaccine trials—if it holds up, it will be a game changer. Treatments have gotten better too. A monoclonal antibody drug—similar to what President Donald Trump and former Governor Chris Christie received—just earned emergency-use authorization from the FDA. Dexamethasone—a cheap, generic corticosteroid—cut the death rate by a third for severe COVID-19 cases in a clinical trial.

US SEC chief Jay Clayton to step down at the end of 2020

WASHINGTON – U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton will step down from his position at the end of the year, the Wall Street regulator said in a statement on Monday.

“Working alongside the incredibly talented and driven women and men of the SEC has been the highlight of my career,” said Clayton, who was appointed under President Donald Trump.


After energy’s best week ever, top investor warns the group appears ‘terminally cheap’

The energy sector is coming off its best week ever.

That group was swept up last week in a rally rewarding stocks tied to the economic growth story – even with U.S. Covid-19 cases on the rise and the threat of further lockdowns looming. The sector rose by more than 16%.

Last week was a welcome change for energy investors – it is the worst S&P 500 performer this year by a wide margin.

NASA Wants To Build A Nuclear Plant On The Moon

NASA is planning to build a base and a nuclear power plant on the Moon by 2026 and is inviting proposals from companies ready to take on the challenge.

According to a statement issued by the Department of Energy, the plan will involve the construction of a 10-kW class fission surface power system to be used for demonstrative purposes. The plant is to be manufactured and assembled on Earth and then shipped to the Moon on a launch vehicle. This vehicle will take the plant to Moon orbit, from where a lander will take it to the surface of the satellite.

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