Daily Digest 11/14 – Something Nasty Coming In Financial Markets, Can Hong Kong Heal?


Chile’s finance minister calls for return to ‘normality’ as peso slides (Sparky1)

The country’s currency plunged to more than 800 pesos per dollar, down more than 10% since mid-October, by midday on Tuesday as state workers and some unionized miners in Chile announced a nationwide strike, saying they were not yet satisfied following the government’s decision to rewrite the constitution.

Highways on Fire. Semesters Cut Short. A Recession. Can Hong Kong Heal? (jdargis)

Decisions by the city’s leadership, like an extradition bill that set off the protests and a face mask ban, have cemented fears that Beijing’s authoritarian reach stretches to Hong Kong. They are stark reminders that Hong Kong could become just another mainland Chinese city when the pledge expires in 2047.

Something Nasty is Coming in the Financial Markets – Rob Kirby (pinecarr)

The gold and silver market being flooded with paper shorts is yet another sign that time is short. Kirby says the elite want people to think gold and silver are bad investments, but he says don’t believe it, and “do not sell it.” Kirby goes on to say, “Gold and silver are historically alternatives to a failing fiat currency regime. The U.S. dollar is failing in front of our eyes. We know that because we know that $21 trillion extra (on top of the $23 trillion national debt) was created, and we know what they are doing with it. Part of that $21 trillion is being used to knock the price of gold and silver down with paper contracts.

Man killed as protests sweep Lebanon after Aoun interview (Sparky1)

In a prime time televised interview, Aoun indicated there was no breakthrough in talks over forming a new government to replace Saad al-Hariri’s coalition cabinet. Hariri, who quit on Oct. 29, was hesitant about being prime minister again, he said.

Top Middle-Class Concerns (edelinski)

In the late 1800s, risk-takers and adventurers flocked to Colorado in search of gold. Farming and ranching, coal mining, and rail lines quickly sprung up to support them. The state still bears the imprint of these early industries, even as the past century has been marked by diversification and reinvention. Indeed, beef and other meat products are still among Colorado’s top goods exports, and coal powers more than half of the state’s electricity.

Revisiting the Dow to Gold Ratio (GE Christenson)

Will the ratio fall as stocks and bonds implode when the “everything bubble” collapses? Capital will move to something safe—like gold—universally appreciated, with limited availability, and historically a store of value. Best of all, gold and silver have no counter-party risk from dodgy debt, devalued currencies, negative interest rates, corrupt politicians, bankruptcies, and phony promises.

FBI Reports Dip In Hate Crimes, But Rise In Violence (TS)

Levin said the increase in assaults was almost evenly distributed across demographic groups, with African-Americans, Jews, whites, gays and Latinos targeted the most. As in previous years, the majority of hate crimes reported in 2018 were motivated by bias against race and ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.

The FBI Says Violent Hate Crimes Have Surged To A 16-Year High. Activists Aren’t Surprised. (tmn)

Most of the hate crimes — about 60% — were motivated by race, ethnicity, or ancestry bias. The other motivations included religion (19%), sexual orientation (17%), gender identity (2%), disability (2%), and gender (1%).

In particular, attacks against Latinos and transgender people saw a significant increase in 2018, with 485 crimes determined to be anti-Latino — 58 more than in 2017. Since 2016, the number of crimes targeting Latinos has soared by 41%.

Police Don’t Do a Good Job Tracking Hate Crimes. A New Report Calls on Congress to Take Action. (jdargis)

The commission’s recommendation to pass legislation incentivizing police to report hate crimes resembles part of the No Hate Act bill currently under consideration in Congress, though the report does not mention specific legislative proposals. Lhamon said the recommendation isn’t tied to particular legislation.

US held record number of migrant children in custody in 2019 (tmn)

The nearly 70,000 migrant children who were held in government custody this year — up 42 percent in fiscal year 2019 from 2018 — spent more time in shelters and away from their families than in prior years. The Trump administration’s series of strict immigration policies has increased the time children spend in detention, despite the government’s own acknowledgment that it does them harm. In 2013, Australia detained 2,000 children during a surge of maritime arrivals. In Canada, immigrant children are separated from their parents only as a last resort; 155 were detained in 2018. In the United Kingdom, 42 migrant children were put in shelters in 2017, according to officials in those countries.

Two people diagnosed with pneumonic plague in China (tmn)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, plague typically spreads to humans who have handled an infected animal or who have been bitten by a flea hosted by an infected animal. However, in the case of pneumonic plague it can be spread when an infected person coughs. Pneumonic plague is highly contagious and is fatal if not treated quickly with antibiotics.

Major fish nurseries are awash in microplastics (jdargis)

The slicks covered only around eight percent of the ocean’s surface in a large coastal region off Hawai’i. Extrapolating from their findings, however, the researchers suggest that the slicks were home to nearly half of the region’s larval fish. The larval fish in the slicks were bigger, and also stronger swimmers, compared to their non-slick neighbors.

Worst floods for 50 years bring Venice to ‘its knees’ (Sparky1)

Local authorities in the Italian lagoon city called for a state of emergency to be imposed, as an elderly man was left dead in the floods. The unnamed man was killed on Tuesday night while he was trying to run electric pumps at his home on the island of Pellestrina, Alessandro Bertasi, spokesman for Venice’s mayor, told CNN.

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