Daily Digest 11/14 – Japan’s Economy Has A $5T Problem, What Happens When The Liquidity Bubble Pops

Daily Digest 11/14 - Japan's Economy Has A $5T Problem,
  • Double dippers: 2,400 state workers collect paycheck and pension, but is it a problem? (Maine)
  • Average Utah payday loan interest rate rises to nearly 528% annually — double what Mafia loan sharks charged in the 1960s
  • General Electric seeks urgent asset sales as bond fears rise
  • Abe calls for public works spending plan to help economy (Japan)
  • When This Liquidity Bubble Pops, We’ll Face The Biggest Crisis Yet
  • Japan’s economy has a $5 trillion problem
  • LA County to LAUSD: Drop in financial reserves ‘continues to be alarming’

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