Daily Digest 11/12 – NSW Faces Catastrophic Bushfire Risk, The Hidden Consequences Of Climate Change


Hong Kong violence prompts reminder that China troops close at hand (Sparky1)

China has a garrison of up to 12,000 troops in Hong Kong who have kept to barracks throughout the unrest, but it has vowed to crush any attempts at independence, a demand for a very small minority of protesters.

The editor in chief of China’s Global Times tabloid, published by the state-owned People’s Daily, said Hong Kong police had nothing to be scared of.

Man set on fire in Hong Kong hours after protester was shot (Sparky1)

Anderson Cooper speaks with CNN’s Paula Hancocks about the protests in Hong Kong, where the violence has escalated to some of the most dramatic moments in over five months of demonstrations.

Lebanon central bank says bank deposits are safe, banks to review curbs (Sparky1)

Lebanon is in urgent need of a new government to enact emergency economic measures. The head of the powerful, Iran-backed Shi’ite group Hezbollah, said he wanted to avoid public discussion of closed-door talks over the new government, saying he wanted to leave the door open for an agreement.

Google signs healthcare data and cloud computing deal with Ascension (Sparky1)

Though cloud storage is a business with thinning profit margins, Google Cloud has said it hopes to separate itself from larger rivals Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services with a superior slate of high-margin AI tools.

Ascension said it aims to use AI to help improve clinical effectiveness as well as patient safety.

Conestoga Huts for the homeless a solution for the Northwest? (thc0655)

And they take only a few hours to assembly rather than weeks for tiny homes. “Oh it’s a great idea.” said David Quale. “It’s very transitional.” He leads a group of volunteers from the Eugene community in putting the finishing touches on their 84th Conestoga Hut.

“They are weather proof,” he said. “They’re insulated. They’re lockable which is really important because a lot of people on the street lose their stuff.”

The Case Against Boeing (jdargis)

This was the second crash of a 737 max in five months, after a Lion Air jet plunged into the Java Sea, in late October, 2018. Investigators quickly focussed on the automated system that had pushed down both jets, a feature new to this model of the 737. But a counter-narrative gained force, too: that the crashes were, above all, the fault of insufficiently trained foreign pilots. “Procedures were not completely followed,” Boeing’s C.E.O., Dennis Muilenburg, said, at a contentious news conference in April.

Death By Oligarchy (westcoastjan)

The oligarchs are the last to understand the consequences of their moral depravity. The political reformers, such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, who could save the system from self-destruction are demonized in the same way the Russian oligarchs demonized Alexander Kerensky, the socialist revolutionaries and Mensheviks, paving the way for the tyrannical Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin. When the end comes, and the end will come, most probably in our case with a tyranny imposed by Christian fascists, the oligarchs will be blissfully unaware, gorging themselves at their palatial estates or on their mega yachts like the clueless French or Russian aristocrats on the eve of their revolutions.

How The Deep State “Justifies” Itself In America (drbost)

The lessons about Big Brother, which were taught by George Orwell in his merely metaphorical masterpiece 1984, were apparently never learned, because even now — as his “Newspeak” is being further refined so that black is white, and good is bad, and truth is falsehood — there still are people who subscribe to the propagandists and cannot get enough of their ridiculous con-games. Though in some poor countries, a corrupt Deep State rules; a Deep State rules in America so as to reduce if not prevent corruption, the New York Times now concludes.

The Burning Platform: Stranger In A Strange Land (thc0655)

The raping and pillaging of the national wealth go on unabated, by billionaires, operating in the shadows, utilizing the mechanisms of the Deep State and carried out by highly compensated lackeys in NYC and D.C. The military industrial complex resists all efforts by Trump to extract U.S. forces from the Middle East, as never-ending war fills their coffers with profits. Even though we proclaim energy independence, we somehow seem to need Syrian oil. Even though everyone knows the Saudis are evil fuckers, we continue to kiss their ass for oil.

“I Survived Communism – Are You Ready For Your Turn?” (thc0655)

Do you think the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is promoting science rather than socialism? Read the following admission from the co-chair of the UN IPCC Working Group III, during an interview in 2010 with the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung:

“We must free ourselves from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy … We must state clearly that we use climate policy de facto to redistribute the world’s wealth.”

‘Your vehicle burns a lot of fuel:’ Victoria drivers wake up to angry notes (westcoastjan)

“Legitimate groups tend to leave a name or contact information, as well as information that is positive and useful,” she says. “It’s not going to work, it’s not the kind of message people are going to take to heart or make changes based on. It just aggravates people.”

Hundreds of schools to be shut down across Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle as New South Wales faces catastrophic bushfire risk (ezlxq1949)

“Some of those areas aren’t receiving direct bushfire threat today but given what’s imminent in weather conditions tomorrow we’ve decided to be proactive and make sure that the safety of our students, our staff, our communities is at the forefront of what we undertake tomorrow,” Mr Dizdar said.

He asked parents whose children’s schools were not closed tomorrow to “err on the side of caution” and make their own decisions whether their children should still attend.

Regional mayors criticise politicians for failing to link climate change and deadly bushfires (ezlxq1949)

Responding directly to the comments made by the Deputy PM this morning, Mid Coast mayor Claire Pontin said she felt “cranky” when she heard Mr McCormack say that “we’ve had fires in Australia since time began”.

“They need to get out and have a real look at what’s happening to this country,” Ms Pontin said.

It’s only October, so what’s with all these bushfires? New research explains it (ezlxq1949)

The prerequisites for a severe bushfire season are high temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds that coincide with long periods of low rainfall.

These weather ingredients are used to calculate an area’s fire danger rating, using the Forest Fire Danger Index.

Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the Climate (thc0655)

And I’m here to say that XR isn’t about the climate. You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life. This was exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence (especially) over the last 600 years of colonialism, although the roots of the infections go much further back.

The Earth could be entering a planetary fire age (Thomas R.)

What were lithic landscapes have been exhumed and no longer only underlie living ones. In effect, once released, the lithic overlies the living and the two different kinds of burning interact in ways that sometimes compete and sometimes collude. Like the power lines that have sparked so many wildfires, the two fires are crossing, with lethal consequences.

Lest We Ignore (westcoastjan)

The preponderance of science backs the theory people have changed the planet. Predictions are dire. They’ve spawned climate strikes, enviro warriors like little Greta, Trudeau carbon taxes, the EV craze and angst in Alberta. The debate has hardened. Polls show most people believe there’s a climate problem, while a loud minority cry it’s a hoax. Currently the most powerful single man on the planet is in the latter camp. As a result, the global emissions that science blames for climate change largely continue.

There’s a hidden consequence of climate change: A deadly virus that’s killing key marine species (Sparky1)

It was surprising that the disease jumped to a different species in a different ocean, said study author Tracey Goldstein, associate director of One Health Institute at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. It’s what led scientists to believe that melting ice was to blame for the infection’s spread.

“Animal health and human health and environmental health are so linked, if one deteriorates then the rest do, too,” she told CNN.

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