Daily Digest 11/1 – Good News Friday: The Rise of Renewables, How To Reduce Household Plastic

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The US city preparing itself for the collapse of capitalism (Adam)

“The way you change a system nationally is you do thousands of local things, and eventually the system evolves,” says O+ executive director Joe Concra, whose building I lived in when we first got O+ off the ground, and who volunteered full-time for years until grants and donors made it possible to pay modest salaries to three full-time and seven part-time employees. “Every time I walk into the clinic, I think: ‘Oh yeah, it is possible to build a new system.’ I refuse to believe we can’t. So, we keep doing it.”

Groundbreaking Student Voter Bill Signed into Law in California (Jen H.)

For California students, “a comprehensive education should not end in the classroom, but extend into the real world,” Petrie-Norris said. “We want to provide our students with the necessary tools to be engaged citizens, to shape their own political reality and create the future of the great state of California.”

Barbershop movement urges abusive men to tackle traumatic pasts (DW)

“This was a response to the men that sit in my chair and taking responsibility and healing ourselves, doing the work, whether it’s getting help… talking to your friends or seeing a counsellor,” Mr Brown said.

His clients ranged from boys to elderly men and many had experienced violent upbringings or felt the wounds of going through “the system and being in foster homes.”

We checked 100 years of protests in 150 countries. Here’s what we learned about the working class and democracy. (tmn)

In our new study, based on comparison of all major anti-regime protest movements globally from 1900 until today, we find that whether protest movements are likely to spur democratization depends on who is doing the protesting. More specifically, it depends on the social background of the protesters. Are the protesters mainly from the urban middle classes, or are they industrial workers, state employees or peasants?

U.S. Senate Greenlights Funding to Help Prevent Families From Losing Their Land (jdargis)

With the passage of this amendment, funding is now included in both the House and Senate versions of the agriculture appropriations bills for 2020, which are part of a larger funding package covering multiple federal agencies. The bills will go to conference, and a final bill could be approved as early as the end of the year.

Rise of renewables may see off oil firms decades earlier than they think (Jen H.)

The pace of progress has raised hope that the global groundswell of climate protest could spark fresh political will to accelerate the energy transition in time to keep global temperatures from rising to levels that could trigger a climate catastrophe.

How Electric Scooters Are Set To Transform The $7 Trillion Mobility Market (Michael S.)

It’s fueled by desperate cities fighting traffic congestion and air pollution; by a population that is increasingly worried about the environment and looking for convenient and affordable low emission alternatives… and not least by the huge baby boomer generation entering retirement, not being content with being holed up in a home. They want an active lifestyle with the freedom and opportunities that come with the mobility these new scooters offer.

How to reduce plastic from your household shopping (ZWW)

“At first it was time consuming – I once visited four shops to find a loose lemon! But eventually you get to know all of the best places and so it becomes easier. Tapping in to your local community knowledge also helps. I’m a member of a local Zero Waste Facebook group where if you need anything plastic-free locally I know I can ask the hive mind and somebody can point me in the right direction. And even when you do spend a weekend morning popping in to different shops, I find it much more of a pleasant experience than a stressful dash around a supermarket!” Kim said.

Italy proposes price cuts on plastic-free food and toiletries (ZWW)

Shoppers in Italy could soon receive discounts at the checkout on products sold without packaging under measures proposed by the government to reduce single-use plastic.

Food, drinks, shampoos, liquid washes and detergents sold from dispensers or in reusable containers would be cheaper, and shop bosses would be given financial incentives to offer products this way.

Your plastic waste could soon be transformed into make-up, scientists claim (ZWW)

Dr Massimiliano Delferro said: “We sought to recoup the high energy that holds those bonds together by catalytically converting the polyethylene molecules into value-added commercial products.”

The team used platinum nano particles to create a “catalytic solution”, which under moderate temperature and pressure is capable of splitting the plastic’s carbon bond, producing “high quality” liquids – hydrocarbons.

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