Daily Digest 10/4 – Good News Friday: Hazelnuts Improve Adults’ Micronutrient Levels, Solar Is Back

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College-student voting rate doubled in 2018, analysis says (sv)

While older voters historically turned out at significantly higher rates, the new data could signal a change going into the 2020 presidential election, a year in which millennials and Generation Z are expected to make up 37% of the U.S. electorate.

Cancer cells stopped by compounds derived from hops (newsbuoy)

“But a potential problem with XN is that enzymes in the liver and the gut microbiota metabolize it into 8- prenylnaringenin, or 8-PN, the most potent phytoestrogen known,” said the study’s corresponding author, Adrian Gombart, professor of biochemistry and biophysics in the College of Science at Oregon State University and principal investigator at OSU’s Linus Pauling Institute.

Hazelnuts improve older adults’ micronutrient levels (newsbuoy)

The findings, published in the Journal of Nutrition, are important because many Americans do not eat adequate amounts of either micronutrient. Older adults are at particular risk—lower concentrations of the micronutrients are associated with increased risk of age-related health problems including Alzheimer’s disease.

NASA news: An incredible black hole appeared on Jupiter – What is this ‘dramatic image’? (Thomas R.)

The “dramatic image” was snapped by NASA’s probe and enhanced by citizen scientist Kevin Gill. The picture features Jupiter’s upper hemisphere where a pitch-black and round shadow has appeared. NASA’s Juno took the picture on its 22nd close flyby of the Gas Giant on September 11, 2019. During the flyby, the spacecraft dipped to a distance of just 4,885 miles (7,862km) above the planet’s cloud tops.

September snowstorm crashed couple’s big day — but made for epic wedding photos (Thomas R.)

Fletcher advises others dealing with inclement weather on their wedding day to go with the flow. “Take everything with a grain of salt. You cannot control everything, but what you can control is remembering why you’re having a wedding in the first place. Celebrate your love. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to,” she said.

A teacher designed glittery hearing aids on dolls to make her deaf students feel represented (Sparky1)

“Those with cochlear implants tend to only reach for the doll with cochlear implants, and those with hearing aids tend to do the same. It’s so exciting to watch their interactions with them, and watch as they identify with the doll that resembles them,” she said. “Now, I watch as they feed their babies everyday, and ‘rock them to sleep’, and it’s the sweetest sight!”

Cars & Coffee group keeps Tesla Supercharger free after mass blocking incident (Thomas R.)

“We had a nice turnout today at C&C. We met a great Tesla owner Ben Rich who was spurred to come to C&C due to the social media ruckus of this past week. He saw that what was being said by many folks in the Tesla community (most that live nowhere near here) portraying us as EV/Tesla haters were false. As you can see pictured, we made sure to block off all the Tesla charging spots for the C&C time period to avoid issues experienced last week. We learned a lot about Teslas from Ben and had an all-around great morning,” the organizers wrote.

Scooter Startup Bird Raises $275 Million In New Funding Round (Thomas R.)

Launched in 2017, Santa Monica-based Bird became the fastest company to ever reach a billion-dollar valuation, snagging “unicorn” status in a little over a year. It’s now raised a total of around $700 million in funding, including the latest round led by previous investor Sequoia and Quebec pension fund CDPQ. TechCrunch had previously reported that Bird was raising a round.

The Sunrise Movement Is Building An Army In The Early 2020 States (RS)

“I think this is the number one issue young people care about,” Van Fosson said about climate change. “For many of them, this is their first election where they have an opportunity to get involved and make a change.”

10,000 Farmers And Ranchers Endorse Green New Deal In Letter To Congress (sv)

“We believe these climate goals are achievable,” the letter argues, “but only if the GND includes policies that spur two large-scale transitions: the transition away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy alternatives, and the transition away from industrial agriculture toward family farm-based organic and regenerative farming and land-use practices that improve soil health and draw down and sequester carbon.”

US Coal Exports to Drop by 10 Million Tons This Year, Over 8 Million More in 2020 (sv)

Peabody Energy Co. (NYSE: BTU) traded down about 6% Thursday, after issuing a statement confirming what Platts analysts said earlier this week: “For the full year of 2019, recent trends suggest capital expenditures and seaborne coal volumes are expected to come at the lower end of the targeted annual range, with metallurgical coal costs now expected at the higher end of the annual range.”

Solar is back with an ETF tracking the sector up more than 50% this year (Thomas R.)

The ETF is international in scope and includes companies in all areas of the solar economy from part makers to panel manufacturers to battery storage suppliers. Top holdings include SolarEdge, First Solar, Xinyi Solar Holdings and Enphase Energy.

Federal judge declines to dismiss Bears Ears lawsuit (RS)

Anticipating that a new version of the lawsuit would be filed, Chutkan set aside — at least temporarily — additional arguments that legal claims brought against Trump’s edict weren’t yet legally ripe for interpretation and that the Antiquities Act was enough to decide the matter.

2019 Fall Foliage Prediction Map (tmn)

It all starts with photosynthesis. Leaves typically produce their vivid hues of green from spring through summer into early fall through the constant creation of Chlorophyll. As we all learned in 5th grade science, Chlorophyll is the key component in a plant’s ability to turn sunlight into glucose, which in turn feeds the trees. Many millions of these Chlorophyll cells saturate the leaves, ultimately making them appear green to the eye.

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