Daily Digest 10/25 – Yemen ‘In Clear And Present Danger,’ The Great Biofuel Swindle

Daily Digest 10/25 - Yemen 'In Clear And Present Danger,' The Great Biofuel Swindle
  • Yemen In ‘Clear And Present Danger’ Of Massive Famine After Years Of Violence
  • Pipe bombs target Democrats, CNN as political tensions mount
  • Stuck In The Twentieth Century
  • New-home sales plunge to a near two-year low as housing picture deteriorates
  • Wikipedia – a tool of the ruling elite
  • Why Economists Can’t Understand Complex Systems
  • Americans teens love shopping on one website way more than anywhere else
  • Yahoo agrees to pay $50 million to data breach victims
  • Ford Motor Company Profit Slips 37% on China Woes
  • About 800,000 pounds of ready-to-eat products were just pulled from Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter
  • The Great Biofuel Swindle
  • Oil market trusts Saudi Arabia for now to temper impact of Iran sanctions
  • Remote Hawaiian Island Wiped Off The Map
  • Study finds availability of nitrogen to plants is declining as climate warms
  • Dozens more breakfast foods test positive for trace amounts of weed killer, report says

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