Daily Digest 10/19 – Protests Sweep Lebanon and Barcelona, India Building The World’s Biggest Facial Recognition System


India is trying to build the world’s biggest facial recognition system (Sparky1)

He had just found out the results. “We were able to match 10,561 missing children with those living in institutions,” he told CNN. “They are currently in the process of being reunited with their families.” Most of them were victims of trafficking, forced to work in the fields, in garment factories or in brothels, according to Ribhu.

Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies (tmn)

Trump has previously been accused of manipulating numbers on his tax and loan documents, including by his former lawyer, Cohen. But Trump’s business is notoriously opaque, with records rarely surfacing, and up till now there’s been little documentary evidence supporting those claims.

Border Patrol’s growing presence at hospitals creates fear (Sparky1)

Normally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and Border Patrol agents enter hospitals when detainees require emergency medical services or specialized care. In many cases, agents escort sick immigrants to the hospital after apprehending them at the border. In some instances, they have detained them after leaving a hospital.

Poor People Are Still Sicker Than The Rich In Germany, Despite Universal Health Care (thc0655)

Medical care is only part of the equation. An array of other factors ? known collectively as the “social determinants of health” ? factor strongly into these populations’ well-being. They include big-picture items like affordable, nutritious food and safe areas to exercise — as well as small ones, like having the time and money to get to the doctor.

White House Adviser Peter Navarro Calls Fictional Alter Ego An ‘Inside Joke’ (edelinski)

A publishing company plans to add an advisory note to future copies of a book written by White House adviser Peter Navarro, after it was revealed that Navarro fabricated one of the people he quoted.

The character Ron Vara appears in Navarro’s 2011 book, Death By China, offering dire warnings about Chinese imports.

Libertarian Car Talk: What’s it Going to Be? (thc0655)

Put aside haggling over the electric car’s functional merits – or the lack thereof. Forget about their supposedly “zero emissions.” These are separate considerations.

The hard deck reality is that most people simply cannot afford electric cars – the least expensive of which (Nissan’s Leaf, reviewed here) starts at $30,000. The rest begin around $35,000 – and ascend from there.

Cartel gunmen terrorize Mexican city, free El Chapo’s son (Sparky1)

A large group of inmates escaped from the city prison. Residents cowered in shopping centers and supermarkets as gunfire roared. Black plumes of smoke rose across the skyline.

Families with young children left their cars and lay flat in the road. Bullets cracked up ahead. “Dad, can we get up now?” a small boy said to his father in a video posted on Twitter.

Protests sweep Lebanon as fury at ruling elite grows over economic corruption (Sparky1)

Lebanon’s biggest protests in a decade recall the 2011 Arab revolts that toppled four presidents. Lebanese from all sects and walks of life have come out on to the streets, waving banners and chanting slogans urging Hariri’s government to go.

The rallies follow warnings by economists and investors that Lebanon’s economy and graft-riddled financial system are closer to the brink than at any time since the war-torn 1980s.

Barcelona rocked by violence on fifth day of separatist protests (Sparky1)

Police responded with repeated volleys of foam bullets, smoke grenades and tear gas, which covered the area in thick, choking smoke. A water canon roamed the area, its prime task being to douse the flames rather than chase off rioters.

Thieves pick 7,000 pounds of apples off the trees in a Michigan orchard (Sparky1)

It would normally take a two- or three-person crew a couple of days to pick that many apples. “They must have had a trained crew to pick the apples in that short of a time period,” she said.

How Climage Change Impacts Wine (tmn)

In areas like Burgundy, Barolo, Champagne and the Mosel and Rhine Valleys of Germany, where great vintages were once rare, warmer growing seasons have made it far easier to produce consistently exceptional wines. This run of prosperity has sent land values (and wine prices) soaring, and it has turned farmers and winemakers into global superstars.

Even with such success, the character of these wines has evolved in part because of the changing climate — in some cases subtly, in others deeply.

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