Daily Digest 10/17 – Italy’s ‘People’s Budget,’ Alan Greenspan’s Prescription For American Decline

Daily Digest 10/17 -Italy's 'People's Budget,' Alan Gr
  • Main points of Italy’s draft ‘people’s budget’
  • Mayor Emanuel Prepares to Release His Final City Budget (Chicago)
  • America’s $1.5 trillion student debt is a ‘failed social experiment’
  • ECB still set to turn off QE taps despite cocktail of risks: Reuters poll
  • China has US$6 trillion in hidden debts with ‘titanic’ credit risks, S&P says
  • Jean-Claude Juncker hints Brussels will reject Italian budget
  • Alan Greenspan’s prescription for American decline
  • America’s budget deficit jumps by 17% as spending surges
  • Lose your illusions. It’s an ugly, dystopian world: Neil Macdonald
  • Saudi Arabia under spotlight over Khashoggi, but drastic Yemen famine ignored
  • Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape current extinction crisis
  • Scientists make plea to save Pacific Northwest killer whales

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