Daily Digest 10/1 – Working While Homeless, New York’s Epidemic Of Plagues

Daily Digest 10/1 - Working While Homeless, New York's Epidemic Of Plagues
  • Conservative Group Behind Kavanaugh Confirmation Has Spent Years Reshaping State and Federal Benches
  • Colorado flu survivor tells cautionary tale: ‘You can go downhill within hours’
  • Over the years New York City has had an epidemic of plagues
  • World War Three alert: ‘You CAN’T stop us sailing there’ US warship heads into China Sea
  • Working While Homeless: A Tough Job For Thousands Of Californians
  • To avoid bankruptcy, Sears CEO proposes selling off real estate. The retailer has tried that move before.
  • No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Tab With Their Personal Data
  • Big Death ?— ?How Kuhn Was Wrong And Foucault Was Right
  • Oracle puts a guy from Microsoft in charge of cloud as the head of cloud resigns
  • GM to recall more than 3.3 million vehicles in China
  • Euroa’s grassroots solar microgrid plan to avoid summer blackouts
  • Indonesia: Tsunami death toll tops 800 amid search for survivors
  • Indonesia Tsunami Toll Climbs Above 800. ‘It Is Very Bad.’

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